Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10 Grams of .9999 Fine Goodness from India

We were just in India and Nepal for our 30th Anniversary.  A great trip, but not an easy one, not even on an expensive tour staying at very fine hotels.  If you are in India, odds are you will get sick along the way, but get the vaccinations!  There are a lot of microbes just waiting there for you...

*   *   *

It's well known that India has a genuine affinity for owning gold.  It took me some time hunting around, but I was able to buy this 10 gram coin in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).  10 gm works out to almost 1/3rd of an oz.  The size is just slightly larger than a 0.25 oz Gold Eagle (so about the size of a US nickel).

The "double T" logo is that of Tata family, who owns the prestigious Tanishq jewelry store chain of India.  .9999 fine gold does not come from India as far as I know.  I believe these are minted in Switzerland for Tanishq.

*   *   *

The Tatas own a lot of other assets there as well, including Tata Motors (which has owned Jaguar since 2008).  Tata makes the world's cheapest car too (the Tata Nano) costing a mere $2300 new:

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I will put up some other photos that *may* be of interest in the coming days on India and Nepal.  Both very interesting countries, but both with huge problems.  India in particular has made more progress than I had thought.

We'll see where my blog goes from here...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Experiment: Saving a .pdf with

My blog is on "Hiatus", and for at least a while to be only used for my idiosyncratic uses...

The below experiment is sending a hash of a .pdf file (two pages) for permanent placement on the blockchain. hash of this article:

*   *   *

-- File Name (Home Computer):


-- Description:

a .pdf file of our latest Invoice from Iljin of Korea

-- Downloaded and saved 4 March 2015, starting time approx. 23:30 US ET

-- hash ("Document Information"):


-- wallet address:

-- Amount (Bitcoin) sent to above wallet ID:


-- Blockchain block number:


-- Blockchain hash number (Transaction ID), my payment:

-- Blockchain hash number (Transaction ID), their placement of my document on the blockchain:


-- OP_RETURN via (c047350beb...):

OP_RETURN 444f4350524f4f461bb311f3da1388bdde59926c8d0b0b77f673e8d4b6249b48c20c507fd3e5503b 
(decoded) j(DOCPROOF � �� ���Y�l� w�s�Զ$�H� P��P;

-- Other output (

5 Mar 2015
5:29 GMT


OP_RETURN (via, "decoded part") magnified, note symbol (red):

DOCPROOF � �� ���Y�l� w�s�Զ$�H� P��P;

-- Public Note (best viewed via, "my payment" transaction ID above):

Public Note: IJG-141218AMERU.PDF


1)  Yes, proofofexistence waits for a confirmation...  This takes an average of 10 minutes.  It can take quite a bit longer (and is in this case, this block took 40 minutes to be found).

2)  Yes, proofofexistence confirms my hashed document is now on the blockchain successfully encrypted, placed and hash number confirmed.