Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump Rally Miami: 16 September 2016

The Donald was in town last night for his rally.  Before that he had even had a big day "rick-rolling" the media re the Birthers, ha ha.  I took my lovely wife and a friend of hers (who came to the US from Cuba at age 20).

Trump entered after Giuliani's rousing speech.  Rudy played attack dog, and went after Hillary re Benghazi, etc.  There are lots of ex-NYC-ers in Miami, so Giuliani is without question an asset in winning Florida's electoral votes for Trump.

Trump had his new "Les Deplorables" up on his giant LED screen behind him (link below image in case it does not show up here):

Bastille Day? Donald Trump entered his Miami rally on Friday as the theme song from 'Les Miserables' played and the video wall behind the podium flashed to tribute artwork including an insult aired by Hillary Clinton a week ago

Link to image:

*   *   *

The place was packed (2500 or so), and very high energy.  Trump was also coming off a big day having pwned the media ("rick-rolled") the MSM, much to the consternation of CNN and MSNBC.

Before the rally he visited the "Little Haiti" area of Miami, where he was apparently very well received.  Trump is now gathering supporters in the African-American community (at the rally) as well as the LGBTQ community (also there).

There were no George Soros operatives there causing trouble.  They would probably have been thrashed had they come...

Among the highlights:

-- his excellent comments on us, "The Deplorables" (that is backfiring on Hillary now)
-- his obvious high energy (contrast that with, oh, well you know who)
-- his comments on the plight of African-Americans, having had no favors done for them by Obama...
-- his staunch defense of the Second Amendment (asking why Hillary needs so many guns around her)
-- similarly, mentioning the 3000 people shot in Chicago this year alone despite strict gun laws...
-- his rousing remarks on Cuba and Venezuela (plays very well in Miami, immigrants)
-- comments on coal and jobs lost in mid-America

Perhaps the high point:

Trump (asking the crowd re The Wall): "And who will pay for it?"

Miami: MEXICO !!

*   *   *

The crowd was spontaneous in its cheers...  No need for cheerleaders or "Applause Now" on the screen.  Favorite chant:

"Lock her up!"

*   *   *

High energy.  Enthusiastic.  Even the music (Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"):

(Compare this music to what you hear at the Clinton rallies...)

*   *   *

Pictures, although they do not turn out well as the LED screen was so bright, and I am a strictly amateur photographer...

Before the speakers (Florida state flag at upper right):

Rudy Giuliani:

Trump enters with his new "Les Deplorables" motif, the screen was too bright for my iPhone):

Trump will be very strong in Florida.