Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Unicorn

“A man’s problems arise because of some lack within him—and how can the same self that produced the problem overcome them?  The ox, the mule, or even the donkey will obediently pull your plow and your cart and take them exactly where you want them to go; but you have to have a destination and know how to get there.  The unicorn, on the other hand, will not do chores or follow a prescribed route.  He knows where he is going, and you couldn’t direct him because with your present consciousness you have never dreamed of such a place.  But someday the unicorn will suddenly appear at your side, eyes flashing, nostrils quivering, pawing the ground with impatience.  When that happens, do not try to put a bridle on him, or to look for some task for him to do.  He will not do it, and there will be no time.  No sooner does he appear than off he will go again.  So do not pause to think twice, do not turn to look behind you.  Leap upon his back, for he is a flying steed, and he will wing his way to the gates of the morning.  On that ride problems are not solved—they are dissolved.”

-Emmet Fox

Last night the unicorn appeared by my side.  I was not sure, how can one be?  This time I did not hesitate, I jumped on.  I almost did not, but I did.  I had my demonstration, and it made all the difference.