Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dialoging With Other Bloggers

Many of you readers know that I am in touch occasionally with FOFOA ( and at times with other bloggers.

Recently I have had the chance to exchange views with another (new to me) blogger.  We crossed swords (in a gentlemanly way) at first over the issue of Freegold and my view of what the marginal value of gold is and would be for various kinds of holders (small and large).  We have since found that our views are actually closer together than we first thought, on various topics (economics, role of government and others).  So, anyone interested in Austrian Economics and those who like (or can deal with) math might want to take a look at his apparently specialized blog (as opposed to my looking at various subjects):

Our recent correspondence has been about a mathematical model that might model value of marginal ounces of gold for physical buyers.  I have not thoroughly explored his site, but his comments at Zero Hedge seem pretty intelligent, and what I have seen to date has been pretty good.  In an email to me, he wrote that he (like me) uses his blog to explore and better clarify his thinking, while at the same time getting word out…

Here are some other blogs that are of interest to me, and with whom I correspond:  ß run by a research scientist  ß he runs a nice precious metals forum style website

So, as the next day or two clocks by (check out the US Debt Widget above, it is about to tick over $16 trillion…), I would encourage others to check out the above!


I am thinking (but have not yet decided) of just kicking the doors open of my blog, and just go “full retard” (pimping my blog more openly).  It looks like one of my main fears of doing so, namely that of “Computer Monsters” coming to get me has been resolved.  

Reader comments are encouraged!


I have some ideas of new articles to write.  One of them will probably be a “Basic Facts” article on silver.  Which is fine, but I REALLY need a full-throated and knowledgeable Silver Bull to come and write a Guest Post (“The Case For Silver” or similar) at my blog.  I clearly prefer gold for holding the bulk of $-value of my holdings, but I want to see a good case argued for silver.

Any volunteers or authors needing fame?


Finally, I read an amusing line I had not seen before (at Zero Hedge’s Z Chat – Warning Label: very addictive!), but is probably seen all over:

“Everyone now has a blog.”

Seems so true, no?

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  1. Hi Robert

    re "The case for silver"
    Just an idea - maybe invite readers of your blog and ZHers to come to your site and write why they love gold - then you can synthesize it into a summary or total report and invite readers back to "see the results"

    The reason I favor silver is:
    1. because its cheaper, I can buy the dips more often
    2. if TSHTF, I can buy with old dimes, quarters, 1/2 dollars and dollars (more diverse denominations in small amounts).
    3. junk coins are still US currency and would not be confiscatable.

    The one downside is, if you're moving $100k in PMs, silver gets heavy.

    Best regards,
    The Navigator


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