Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Precious Foreva!

I have been experimenting with my camera that my wife gave me.  I will be bringing it along to Korea and Japan on my upcoming trip.  So I took the below picture at my office today:

That one picture is truly worth 1000 words, please study it carefully...


The little gold coins are 1/10th oz Gold Eagles.  They are 16.5 mm (1.65 cm) or about 0.65 of one inch (5/8ths of an inch) in outer diameter (see my article here here).

The two bullets standing up are the 9 mm for my Beretta, the other three are 7.62 x 39 mm for my AK.

And that bottle?  Take a good look...


You're looking at freedom there.  All of the above have been (or currently are) under attack at various times in our country's history.


Why, it almost makes me feel like a highwayman...


  1. so now we all know where your stash of gold is (-;

    and as for that carpet .............. dude, its so last century, lighten up


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