Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ameru Update

My in-laws have been working hard to lead Ameru to a great year!  They have sold bearings to three other countries:

-- Costa Rica (twice)
-- Uruguay
-- Ecuador (indirectly, in 2012)

Our new customer in Uruguay needed a hard-to-find bearing for a Hyundai there.  He found Ameru on the Internet, contacted Lily, sent his money to us (he, of course, did not know us -- this is kind of rare in Latin America), received his piece, and then sent a nice email which we received just today:

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 19:41:47 -0300

Estimada Lilia,
esta mañana llegó finalmente el ruleman.
No tengo palabras para agradecerte, el compromiso tuyo y de la empresa para la que trabajas, ya que sin duda me soluciona un problema que no podia arreglar ya que no conseguia ni similares chinos.
Evidentemente no es la venta de esta pieza lo que suma en el diario de todos los dia en Ameru, pero si lo es la gente que trabaja en ella y su preocupación por el cliente tenga una solución.
Especialmente a ti y a todos los que trabajan contigo, muchas gracias nuevamente, y que no le quepa la menor duda que esta experiencia mia será divulgada en este pequeño pais, por si acaso...
Un abrazo grande desde Uruguay
Dr. C. V.


We just sent our customer in Costa Rica (MIGSA) 200 kg (gross weight) of bearings, our first export shipment by ocean freight (the paperwork is considerably more complex than an airfreight shipment).  The below is a genuine Bill of Lading for those of you who have never seen one before (*click* on image for a better view):


Our sales in 2013 are not doing badly either (sales by month, amounts through June 30):


We are up some 9% above our record year 2012...

And, no, we are not in the 1%, nor a "TBTF" !!  Our success is almost completely due to the hard work of our people there in Peru.  And, of course, we are exposed to China, because Peru is a big-time exporter of natural resources (copper...), so if the economy of China goes bad, it would not be good for us.

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