Monday, August 4, 2014

President Ebola

Yes, yes, I understand that the title above is very inflammatory, but I cannot help but believe that this President has contributed, at a bare minimum in part, to several public health issues (all related to communicable diseases discussed here).

It is also very important to note that this story is moving very quickly, everything I write here is subject to being "old news" within a day or two (or even proven untrue in some cases).

I will not speculate what policies of other Presidents might have done re the two US citizens with Ebola (Dr. Kent Brantly is now being treated in Atlanta and (nurse, I believe) Nancy Writebol is en route), perhaps compassion might have been shown to both health workers who went to Africa to serve the poor in countries with Hellish conditions.  And it is important to be humane in treating our citizens, I respect that.

Nonetheless, there are reports (which I cannot verify, at least yet, this may change soon, if so, I will definitely be editing this piece...) that Ebola might be considerably more contagious than previously thought.  By air perhaps.  Apparently several health workers were fully suited-up in protective suits, and yet they still caught it.  Theories abound...

The current mainstream thinking, as far as I can tell, is that there is no real danger to the two US citizens being brought back to the USA for treatment in Atlanta (Emory University's hospital, and close to the CDC).  But...

Ebola in West Africa (from the Mirror of the UK, dated August 1, link:, does not include new cases in Nigeria or in Ebola's "traditional" epidemic zones in Sudan, etc.  The same report says SIXTY health care workers have already died from Ebola in this epidemic...

Here is a map of US Quarantine Zones (from Yahoo via

Here is a current ABC story on our two citizens to be treated in Atlanta (at time of writing only Dr. Kent Brantly is in treatment, Nancy Writebol may be leaving W. Africa today (Monday, August 4)):

The ABC report above mentions an "experimental anti-serum", Dr. Brantly reportedly received it.  The ABC report above shows Dr. Brantly arriving at the hospital, in his containment suit, but walking on his own.  ABC said he may be getting better.  ABC also reports that Dr. Tom Friedman (Director of the C.D.C.) is saying that any treatment for Ebola is still at a very early stage.

There are a LOT of conflicting claims (as you would expect) about whether Ebola is real or not (including an early "Ebola denier" at Zero Hedge) as well as claims of how contagious it is, etc.

Many of the doctors who caught Ebola in West Africa were apparently "suited-up" and already taking extensive precautions (eg, three pairs of gloves).

My own thought (and this is subject to change very quickly) is that our two citizens might better have been treated at one of our military bases already in Africa or on a hospital ship, just in case...

And who decided, and with what rationale, to allow the two American Ebola victims into the USA?

* * *

Along our southern border there are wildly conflicting reports of illegal immigrants including sick children) who have a variety of communicable diseases.  We already know from a leaked intelligence report from Customs and Border Protection (multiple sources, Google it!) that illegals immigrants from 75 countries have been detected (including 71 people from countries now infected with Ebola), it is not clear if they are being detained or what their current status is.  Over 1000 of these illegals are from China.  Other illegals are coming from Pakistan, Yemen, etc.  You get the picture, there are national security threats as well as public health issues...

Here is a link kindly contributed by ZH member "Pinche Caballero" (he provided a link to:, I have seen these kinds of reports.  But a Wordpress blog (even if it provides information similar to what I have heard before) cannot be considered authentic unless verified by other sources.

Bedbugs (already in NYC hotels, um, NOT fun)
Dengue Fever
Hepatitis A-E
Chagas Disease
Chicken Pox
But, The Guardian, a major and respected but somewhat leftist, newspaper out of the UK reports that reports of "epidemics" of communicable serious diseases along out southern border are not true (as well as other reports of criminals, dispersal of immigrants, etc.)...:

This piece is from July 15 (three weeks ago).  And I have my doubts as to how much faith we can have in The Guardian's reporting here.

There are other links and reports, both saying this (illegal immigrants bringing dangerous diseases with them) is a big problem, and other reports that deny that.

* * *

Nonetheless, all of the reports I have heard and read about re conditions at border camps housing the current wave of illegals are very bad especially re overcrowding.  Overcrowding invites outbreaks of contagious diseases...

One of the main "jobs" of our federal government is to maintain security along our borders.  This Administration has failed to do so.

This President has failed.  He has failed our Constitution by imposing ObamaCare.  He appears to be failing in his duty to protect and defend our country (never mind the Constitution).  He has earned the nickname I have given him, he is the most toxic president we have ever had.

President Ebola


  1. Eerily, I was looking for a way to link Prezidont Zero to Prezidont Ebola earlier today.

    It's possible we're looking at the early stages of the great cull.

    Possible Ebola in New York.
    (I call attention to the second guy mentioned that had traveled to Africa but not to the specific outbreak areas and was released (perhaps he was on one of the two international flights the Nigerian case was on).

    Second case of Ebola in Nigeria is the attending doctor for the first case.

    Polio spreading world-wide

    In 2012 British show Ebola is airborne

    Things could get nasty real quick.

  2. Yes they could..., thank you for the links. I will try to keep an eye on this, and report back if ZH does not, but, they're pretty good at following this.

  3. James Corbett provides good commentary in general and I highly recommend his report on Ebola:


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