Friday, October 17, 2014

Republicans Need To Man-Up

While going about my business today, I had the chance to listen to three Right-Wing Radio talk show hosts.  The anger among them was very real, about the angriest I have ever heard before.  Spittle was flying from my radio as at least one of them essentially blew up, I just hope that you cannot catch Ebola over the radio...

What set them off (albeit after much recent provocation by Obama & Co.) was the appointment of political hack Ron Klain to be the "Ebola Czar" by our inept (or maybe not...) President Obama.

Let's take a quick look at Attorney Ron Klain:

-- Vice President Joe Biden's Chief of Staff
-- Vice President Al Gore's Chief of Staff
-- Vice President Al Gore's lawyer (one of many) in the 2000 Florida voting dispute
-- Worked with Fannie Mae (housing corruption)
-- Approved loans (totaling $500 million) to Solyndra, which went bankrupt *

* Where did the Solyndra money go, Ron Klain?

Note that Ron Klain has no experience in medical matters nor in emergency management.

*  *  *

*  *  *

I will briefly outline a few points not being made in most of the MainStream Media (MSM) that seem relevant:

The following countries have enacted, in one form or another, travel restrictions on visitors from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea (I believe the info is current, but please be aware that some info might be wrong or outdated) of one sort or another:

           -- South Africa
           -- Zimbabwe
           -- Zambia
           -- Guinea-Bissau
           -- Senegal (had one Ebola infection, apparently NO Ebola now)
           -- Kenya
           -- Ethiopia
           -- Cape Verde
           -- Seychelles
           -- Equatorial Guinea
           -- Cameroon
           -- South Sudan
           -- Chad
           -- Belize (just today denied a cruise ship permission to call)
           -- Haiti
           -- Trinidad & Tobago

That's 16 countries.  So far.  Note the USA is not among them.

*  *  *

The President is proposing, as Commander-in-Chief (so I believe that Congress cannot step in) to send our Reserves and/or National Guard to one or more of the afflicted countries in West Africa.  One report is that our troops (Reserve & National Guard!) will receive just four hours of training re virus control during or prior to their deployment to Africa.

Mothers and fathers.  How would YOU feel if your young soldiers were going to deploy in AFRICA to "fight Ebola"?  What a horrible assignment...

*  *  *

For MONTHS now, we have had an essentially open border with Mexico.  Virus "D-68" apparently came along with the "unaccompanied minors" from Central America.  This virus has already killed a small number of students.  The virus is now epidemic in many states.

Have you been hearing THAT via the MSM?

*  *  *
And let this be known:

I am extremely disappointed with the weak Republican responses to Obama's terrible handling of the Ebola matter.  It looks like it will soon become a real crisis.  Yet the Republicans have been quiet on this, the response by the R-Team during the House questioning of Frieden, Fauci, et al was very weak.

And the Republicans are the POLITICAL OPPOSITION!  (or are they?)

Here are some prominent Republicans who could and should be speaking out:

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.  Governor, the time has come for YOU to declare that TEXAS will not send its National Guard to West Africa!  Instead, you will deploy them along the Texas/Mexico border.  As the US government has failed in its duty to protect and defend the people of the USA, Texas will have to do the job itself, even if it is expensive and would invite vindictive retribution (oh yeah) from the Obama administration.

Minority Senate Leader McConnell and House Speaker Boehner.  Where the HELL are you guys?!  You should both be screaming bloody murder!  YOU TWO are the leaders of the "opposition", have you two decided that now is the time to show that maybe Republicans and Democrats really are the same?

Republican Senate and other Candidates.  NOW is a good time to speak out against Obama and his dangerous policies!  IMO, this would be not only good for the country, but good for your election prospects!  So, speak out!  WTF are you waiting for?

*  *  *

It looks like I may be the one who must speak some truths here (run, hide the kids!).  I cannot understand (political cowardice does not sound like it explains such damp responses...) why the R-Team will not pound the table for the below:

--  Secure the southern border with Mexico.  Now.  "Immigration reform" later.

--  Restrict/quarantine/whatever ALL incoming visitors from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.  What is so hard about this?  The 16 countries above have dome more than we have, and ALL of them are poor.

--  The House of Representatives should go on record NOW passing defunding ObamaCare.

--  ALL Republican candidates should be HAMMERING President Obama on the Ebola response disasters.  ALL Republicans should be demanding that incompetent CDC Director Tom Frieden (last job: NYC Mayor Bloomberg's point man on banning large sodas there in NYC...) be removed (likely he will be thrown under the bus by Obama soon).

--  Texas and Arizona should be leading the way as the Obama declines to protect our country.  Just do it.

-- All Republican Governors.  Do not let Obama send your young men & women on the fool's errand to Africa!

WHAT am I missing here?  WHY is no one screaming for the above?

The answers to reducing risks to our citizens (the primary duty of the federal government) are obvious and dead-drop easy!  I just listed some just above!

Next step?  I suppose I will have to send letters to my worthless politicians "representing" me in Washington, DC.  NONE of three (two Senators, one House Rep) have said jack-squat...

/rant off

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