Tuesday, December 13, 2011

$7 Trillion? $30 Trillion? $100 Trillion? So Much Missing And Stolen...

I now feel like my article ¨Everybody Knows¨ now has a quaint feel to it.  What, with me making a big deal of MF Global and Proton Bank stealing perhaps $2 trillion between them.  Hah!  The numbers on MF Global just keep going up, up and away!  Hypothecation and rehypothecation!  Two great new words to take us into the Holiday Season!  I would bet that two weeks or so ago only one in 500 even knew what those words even meant...  Not me!

And just the other day I read that it looks like the famous 2008 TARP was not just a mere +/- $800 billion, but more like $7 trillion, almost NINE times as much (as reported in 2008).  I believe that it was at Zero Hedge who broke the article.

$7 trillion is some $21,875.00 per citizen, have the money, bro?  No?  Too bad!  The Banksters have it now!  Ha ha ha!


Ah!  But the numbers get bigger still!  Zero Hedge just three days or so ago wrote that $30 trillion is in peril in the "Shadow Banking System", which features things like dark pools of liquidity and lots of other concepts I, at best, only vaguely understand.  But, apparently rehypothecation is leading the $30 TRILLION Shadow Banking System into a hole that will be VERY difficult to recover from.  It looks like to me, a non-participant nor expert in hypothecation and rehypothecation that all of this is a variant of loaning collateral out MANY times over...  Debt, sent out as debt as sent out as debt...


Of course I might be reading these numbers wrong or an incorrect context, but $30 trillion (in nominal possible losses / stealing / disappearing / or just paper disappearing) looks to me like some $93,700 / PERSON JUST in Shadow System Banking shenanigans (and I will stop here because I am not competent to comment further on this particular topic).


Ann Barnhardt, the commodity broker who shut down her firm after MF Global walked off with all that money.  She is pissed!  Some of you may recall that Ann was the one who invited the Pakistani who wrote her a death threat to come on by her place...  And check out her shooting skills with her pink AR!  She provided her home address and the address of Denver´s mosque, you know, in case he felt he needed some help from the local Muslim homies taking her out...  In the interview (transcript link below) she lays out how ROTTEN the system is and tells why we will need a truly impressive $100 trillion just to BEGIN to fix Europe (only):


$100 trillion, let's do the math!:

75% (probably) would be from the USA, so $75 tn / 320,000,000 people here in the USA =  over $230,000 per citizen!  Wow!  Big money here!

But, as my banker Lisa said to me in 2007 when I mentioned I was preoccupied about the economy and the financial system:

"Don't worry, Bob, they'll just print the money."  Hey Lisa, you're famous!


FOFOA just put up a piece exploring the idea of if you don´t possess your wealth, then it it might not be real...  And even regular old bank accounts are at risk from what I read.


Real wealth is what you POSSESS...  If is is not YOURS and close by, it's not YOURS!


So much money, so much money.  Where is it all?  

POS Jon Corzine testified before Congress not even he knows...  Sure Jon, whatever you say...


And I do not want to forget mentioning bank runs in Greece and Latvia...  Be looking for the same in core European countries.  When THAT happens, be the first in line at YOUR Bank!


  1. Hey Robt,
    It's just paper.............
    And, now that we are no longer soverigns but serfs,and have lost the Constitution,cheer up!!!
    We dont gots ta pay.

  2. Robert, settle down. No big deal. 3, 7 , 30 trillion. WTF? It will however make for some interesting discussions over gruel in the FEMA camps though. Be safe.

  3. Thanks guys for commenting!

    billhilly, you passed the test! Now you can pay me the $1 trillion for your certification!


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