Monday, February 20, 2012

Dis And Dat

I start today's offering with some items from friends from Facebook.  As I write, I do not know if this will copy into here, whether you have to be a Facebook member, and so on.  Education...

Thanks to Cousin Maria for putting up "The World According to MICHIGAN"!  Ha ha!  Thanks, Maria!

Cousin Maria also put this one up:

One more photo from Cousin Maria, this was taken when she was a young girl, that's her on the right on the sofa, my Uncle Val and Aunt Betty adopted a SLEW of children, they were practically saints.  This photo is from their house in Michigan (from about 1970), it brings back many memories:

Oh, I really hope this below link works, it will take you to my friend Matt's Annual Shootfest!  Each year he sponsors a shootfest where people bring their armaments and have a blast!  Hey, Carmen my love, can I go next year?  Please?  Thanks Matt!  Great pictures!

Ahh, too bad, it looks like you have to be a member of Facebook to see this, maybe even a friend of Matt!

Well I WAS  able to copy two pictures in to give you a flavor...

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Here are two fun gun videos, there are thousands of these on Youtube...  Notice how much fun WOMEN have shooting guns...


I spent some time last night looking into a GIANT CONSPIRACY THEORY!  This all generally revolves around "Yamashita's Gold", and related conspiracies.  According to various versions of this, there is a whole lot of gold (exactly where is not crystal clear) buried in such places as The Philippines and Japan.  This would be gold that was hoovered-up (mostly from China I gather) by the Japanese in their rampage through Asia in World War II.

This grand conspiracy theory has many tangents shooting off in different directions.  Some (lots!) of that Japanese gold was shipped HERE to the USA (before Pearl Harbor was attacked).  Or maybe not!

There are huge stashes of gold (and other precious things) buried at locations (called "777" locations, based on Yen value and other things)!  In The Philippines!  In Japan!

Indonesian leader Soekarno and President Kennedy were working out a Deal where Soekarno would be the Custodian of (some / lots) the gold!  And you know what happened to President Kennedy!

But, the BIG HOOK of this general conspiracy theory: No, the amount of gold stashed away in the world is NOT the normally acknowledged 160,000 - 170,000 metric tonnnes, but is actually a majestic 2,000,000 metric tonnes.  Because, you know, the Japanese sucked up a LOT of gold!

Curious?  Take a look.  But, "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here":  


FOFOA has a new article up at his blog.  He takes on Uncle Warren (Buffett)!  How dare that toady say such bad things about gold!

But FOFOA takes care of him, even takes out the trash when he's done.


  1. Good article Roberto. The conspiracy also has, potentially, something to do with these MEGA bonds that have been turning up. Lots of interesting angles here but it can be quite dizzying.

    Good pics.

    The FOFOA article was worth the read.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Hi Robert,

    This is THE place to go for incredibly awesome gun videos on youtube.


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