Monday, September 3, 2012

On Vacation: Italy!

Kind readers of my blog!

I was unable to find the time to review Barron's, which is too bad because the cover was such a slow fat pitch that we could have had a lot fun dissecting that one!

The Cover Story actually discusses the views of 10 analysts that they contacted for their predictions.  About seven were bullish, two bearish, and one neutral.  The cover was a little deceptive.

There was a good article on VOLVO ("European Trader"), the world's second largest truck maker that I would have liked to discuss.

Nothing in Barron's on GOLD!


Since there was nothing earth-shattering happening, and because of our trip preparations, well, Italy first!  This trip will, perhaps, give me some understanding on what is happening in Italy (if not Europe).  Italy is a linchpin, Italy goes over the falls, then France will, then Germany, then America.

I will report back to you upon our return!  Maybe liven things up with some pictures.


Please note!  About one half the times we go to Europe in September, there is ACTION in the financial markets.  I will never forget September 2008 going to the internet cafes to ask my friends WTF was going on...

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