Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gun Show And Movie Review

Later on I will read and review Barron's (they sure are asking for it by saying the Bull is so tough re the cannonball bouncing off it...), but for now I write up my fun little day yesterday at the local gun show and the movie I saw afterwards.

My wife gave me a "Hall Pass' to go off to a local gun show.  There are about three that cycle through here, but this one is the largest, so it is the only one I ever go to anymore.  I needed to buy ammo, more magazines and an ammo can (just stocking, eating my own dog food).

So, I picked up 300 rounds of AK ammo (7.62 * 39) in an ammo can as well as 150 rounds of 9 mm Luger for my Beretta.  And magazines for each.  I also picked up (at long last) a Katadyn water filter, so your congenial blogger is making progress on the whole preparations front...

While at the show, I saw (first time) a .338 Lapua (Barrett brand).  Wow!  What a lovely beast that gun is!  $6000...  After touching (caressing?) it, giving me that electric-tingly feeling like when I held that one kilo gold bar that a local coin dealer once had, Zzztt!  Zzztt!  After that, they had to send over a special team (Serv-Pro, like it never even happened...) to clean up all the drool I put on the floor.  That so dehydrated me that I had to go buy a bottle of water...

And I have begun educating myself on my "next gun".  Which will be a .308 deer rifle.  I had considered a .30-06, but the guy I know who knows guns the best (local gun store manager) told me that a .30-06 is way more power than you "need", that 90% of deer rifles are .308s.  And the recoil is less, a real issue for me.


Since I had been given that Hall Pass by my wife, I pushed for more!  I was then given permission to go see the new movie: "The Expendables Part 2".  It is the sequel to other one, that came out about a year ago.  The first one had Stallone and a group of middle-aged, over the hill movie tough guys, all tricked out with very nice weapons...

Anyway, Part 2 features a couple of other of these older tough guys (it would not be right for me to reveal which ones) in cameo and minor roles.

The movie is pretty much non-stop good clean violent fun, so if you like that kind of movie, you will enjoy this one too.


So, I had the chance yesterday to get all those macho-man hormones all worked out of me.  Life is tranquil now...  I even have a "make up" Tai Chi class later this afternoon (to make up one where our instructor did come one time).  What more can I say?  Life is good, live it up!

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