Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gifts For Ameru

I was cruising around at Zero Hedge less than two weeks ago and saw an ad for promotional flash drives from a company called  They sell a variety of flash drives (including big ones up to 64 GB if I understand correctly), but they put whatever artwork you want on to them.

I figured these would be a perfect promotional item for our Ameru to send to some of our best customers.  So, I sent the some artwork and text to flashbay and chose the flash drive model Lily (gracias 'manita!) and I liked the best.  We bought 100 of them, but not all of them will make it to Peru...

I included both sides of the drives above, one with our logo and the other with the word "RODAJES" (Peruvian Spanish for rolling bearings) and our telephone number.  Each flash drive came in its own little baggie, like you see three of them above.

To my knowledge, nobody in Peru is giving away this kind of stuff to their customers, so we will be seen as pretty high-tech and all...

The above are 4 GB each, the total cost (everything included) was $550.00, which I thought was very reasonable.  Their customer service was very good, ask for Ed Kelley, and tell him I sent you!

And, yes, I informed Tyler Durden there at ZH that we bought via an ad at their website, so I finally got to contribute something, even if only indirectly.


  1. Robert
    do they seem fast?
    There seems to be some variability in the speed with these devices.

  2. I'll have to do a spot check of these. The ONE unit I tested was OK.

    FYI, PNY and Kingston are quite fast. I have another brand (DataStick) that is slow, even their 64 and 128 GB ones.

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