Friday, February 8, 2013

What Is This?

I got something in the mail the other day, and THAT is your only hint!

What is this?  Photo was taken under fluorescent light, the other object is a US Quarter, no prize for guessing that.

The first one who tells me what this, by Comment or by email, wins $5.00!  The winner will be determined by time stamp of first email or Comment.

Winner should either send me their mailing address, or if they live close to me you may collect in person.

Good luck!


This is in the same spirit as my other little photo contest of last May:

Winner "Carlotta V." told me that she would like us to treat her to Starbuck's instead of the cash.  We expect that Carlotta will be visiting us soon.


  1. Good guess, but no. "Matt C" has already won at 4:56 PM US ET (1:56 PM California time).

    The answer is "Osmium", a one troy ounce pellet. Osmium is the HEAVIEST (stable) element as well as the RAREST( stable) element on Earth.


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