Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ameru Bearing Sale to Costa Rica

I am happy to announce that Ameru Trading del Peru S.A. has completed its first export sale!  Our company is the exclusive distributor of KBC bearings (Korea, owned by FAG/INA/Schaeffler of Germany) for Peru.  The KBC distributor in Costa Rica is a company called "MIGSA", run by a gentleman named Guillermo Aymerich, who my wife and I had the pleasure to meet several years ago in San Jose.  He treated us to dinner, so I owed him...

MIGSA needed certain special KBC bearings that are hard to get.  Hard to get meaning in this case that KBC only rarely makes these specialized items, he needed them and then contacted us.  We had some of the list he emailed us.  Ameru then worked with MIGSA and the Peruvian authorities to see the best way to ship the pieces to Costa Rica would be (lowest cost being the major factor).

The sale amount is $1377.65 (US dollars), the bearings are all from KBC (some are "FAG" / Korea brand, but from the same factories).  All pieces are made by very few manufacturers is the world.  The last piece (KBC DT-458448) is a wheel bearing for the Hyundai H-1 "Grand Starex" that I have mentioned before in other blog articles.  All pieces are for Korean vehicles.

Hyundai vehicles are very popular in Costa Rica as well as Peru -- in both countries Hyundai is even stronger than in the USA.

The Invoice does not come through very well, but here it is, *click* on the image for a better view (at the bottom of this article is a larger copy):

I would like to thank my sister-in-law Lily and her husband (and General Manager) César for their hard work in figuring out how to do an export order on short notice for the first time, muchas gracias!

Gracias as well to Mercy & Roberto, who helped advise us and complete the order as well!

And many thanks to my friend (and now customer of Ameru) Guillermo Aymerich, nos vemos en Costa Rica en enero!

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  1. Smart. Both a helping hand and small enough to not run afoul of Peru export red tape.
    Let's see: German company owns Korean manufacturer who ships stuff to Peru for export to Costa Rica...
    Yep - world trade! (on a human scale)
    Nobody for President


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