Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thought Experiment: Who Was At The Helm?

Most people I have seen and heard making comments about the current government shutdown have been saying words to the effect that the Republicans are the ones getting hurt, that they are getting the blame (true in the current polls anyway) and they will get the blame if the shutdown leads to a bad ending re the Debt Ceiling debate.  Especially if a .gov lockup leads to a markets crash or other really bad events...

But, a small number of comments I have seen made me do some thinking.  I do not wish to make a prediction, but instead provide some grist, some fuel for the fire of the debate.  What seems to be ignored, except by just a few I have seen, is that in time, and IF something really bad happens, is that the Democrat Party, and President Obama, will be seen as at the helm...

And that will hurt African-Americans.  "The Black Guy did it."  President Obama -D.  Irrespective of the quantity of blame that could/should be applied as to who was most at fault (as if you could quantify "who was at fault").

WHO was at the helm, and UNDER WHOM did the markets crash and the (new presumed, remember, this a thought experiment) recession unfold?.  WHO pushed onto the people an unconstitutional, yet, required (you live, therefore you must buy insurance, from a private company no less) travesty like Obamacare?  Congress and their staff are not covered by the Obamacare law.  How many of you, dear readers, have read even 20 pages of Obamacare...?

Obamacare...  Call 1 800 FUCK YO (insert second digit of "1", recall that 1 on the telephone dial does not have a letter...).  Poseurs, amateurs, lightweights and hypocrites!  Comparing their technology platform failures to Apple's...!  Ridiculous, Apple hardly ever has serious software failures, while over 2/3rds of people visiting the on-line "Exchanges" can't get signed up!  Obamacare may indeed be set up for failure, just to bring in Socialist single-payer.  And then we will likely find that most people will pay more!  And get less...

Do you expect me to really believe that it was the "Tea Partiers" that are causing Obamacare failures as well as the shutdown as well as the upcoming debt ceiling (possible) crisis?  Do you really expect me to buy that it is ONE FACTION of one party of one branch of government that is putting our system at risk?


Who caused the Great Depression?  Most who study the issue would say there were various actors (the Federal Reserve, President Hoover, President Coolidge's handling the "Roaring Twenties", etc.) who caused it.

But, who got shanty-towns named after him?  President Hoover, the smartest guy in the room (he apparently was smart).  Hoovervilles.  Fair or not, Herbert Hoover was president when we had our Great Depression.  Fair or not, FDR "saved" our economy (although many contend that FDR's programs actually hindered our recovery).

So, President Obama and the Democrat Party control the government.  They even control the Mainstream Media!  They are the ones at the helm.  Obamacare is theirs!  The Democrats (at the least the majority liberal wing) don't even (seriously) claim to want fiscal prudence.

The liberals now lead the country.  They are at the helm.  And it would be "The Black Guy" who was at the top when it all happened...  Then how long until the next African-American would be elected President?  Would that sour Americans on a woman as President?


Keep in mind that this is yet another "Thought Experiment" here at my blog.  Am I predicting something like this?  No, but is its plausible and possible.  And worth thinking about.


  1. The real power conceals itself behind every throne. The Dems & Repubs are funded and beholden to those who fuel their respective engines. Anthony C Sutton describes with great clarity the mechanism employed to sustain power in the hands of the puppet masters. It's based on the Hegelian dialect, in which a contrived, wholly engineered 'conflict' is put in place (Repubs vs Dems; Obama vs McCain; etc)... The puppet masters pull the strings on both sides, and out of the conflict watch emerge a SYNTHESIS which keeps the power in the puppet masters' hands.... Sutton explains the process most articulately in youtube videos. I recommend everyone take a look.

  2. Correction: I have no idea if Hegel had a dialect, he is though credited with a Hegelian dialectic.

  3. You start talking philosophy my friend, you start with words that are hard to spell! LOL!


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