Monday, November 11, 2013

Fiesta Criolla!

We celebrated a Peruvian-style "Fiesta Criolla" during the weekend.  A gloomy and rainy Saturday did not appear to much matter to our happy little party (10).

We had visitors in from Peru and Indiana, and they wanted to celebrate!  My wife's two sisters were in town (Lily (left) up from Peru -- she came to Chachapoyas with us, and sister Anita (center) down from Indiana).

"Tres Hermanas"

Red and white are the colors of Peru's flag.

Arrival of local celebrity "Norma G." with her latest beau Jorge (driving).  Her Mercedes is in the shop, and she was not happy about that:

The women attendees (women just come out better in photos than men do, no?).  Note all the yummy Peruvian food all spread out there, mmm...  Juanita U. at left and Norma G. at right:

It was also Anita's husband's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Stan!  That pastry is called a "Pavlova", and has become trendy in Peru.  We bought it from a local patisserie:

A Peruvian-style "Happy Birthday" serenade to Stan, that is Antonio U. playing the guitar, and Cesar in the center:

Yes, there was dancing, but no karaoke (both are popular in Peru).  After all, the party lasted only five hours, shame on us!  We ALL had to dance, most was to Peruvian music and Salsa.  But, almost all the pictures I took do not reflect what dancing is (dynamic)!  Here are Anita and Antonio dancing "Marinera", one of many dance styles from the very diverse country of Peru:

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