Friday, June 15, 2012

The Fractured Elite: The Only Reason Why We Are Not A Fascist State, Yet

I have been doing some reading, not a whole lot, about “The Matrix”, the NWO, creeping fascism in America, Agenda 21, corporatocracy (eg, Monsanto) and so on.  I have talked this over with friends as well, but not in detail.  This looks like a wormhole of IMMENSE size.

In general, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  Most of what I see I believe.  However, there is NO QUESTION that the USA is moving, inch by inch to a much more tyrannical end point.  Almost everyone I know and communicate with understand this.

Some background on me first, so that you can better understand my point of view.  Where I have been and some relevant life experience, so that, again, you see where I am coming “from”.  I am 56 years old, have traveled extensively (including to Poland and East Germany when they were Communist) and even worked for .gov (as a photo interpreter).

All of this is “IMO”.  


I believe that there is NOT a small cabal that is on the verge of taking us into a totalitarian (I will just use the word fascist from here on, let’s not get hung up on definitions for now) state, even though the USA is heading in that direction.

I do not believe that the Rothschilds, for example, are so powerful that they “run us”.  My wife actually met a Rothschild (in London, some 35 years ago).  Nor do I think that they use their Rockefeller squires to “manage” us.  Of course the Rothschilds are immensely wealthy and probably very powerful.  But, not at the top of the pecking order.  I just do not see that.  Nor do I believe that we are Israel’s puppet, although I DO recognize they are very influential on US foreign policy, likely not to our benefit.

I do not have any good information on JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theories, my inclination is that they probably happened as advertised.  I have NOT done much work on these two events and their investigations, so cannot my comments should be taken for what they are worth: Not Much.

Nor do I think that the Republicans and the Democrats are really just both sides of the same coin.  I do believe that there is about 14 cents worth of difference between them.  My view could change markedly if the R-Team wins big (including the Senate) and they do not deliver on tax cuts and spending cuts.  George W. Bush had the Congress for two years IIRC, and got little done (9/11 without doubt played a role there) with R-Team control.  If Mitt and the R-Team win, we will see VERY QUICKLY whether the R-Team is any different than the D-Team.


Here is what I think.  I believe that there is An Elite that, in aggregate, is extremely powerful, and has NO intention of giving up its wealth and power.  And that, as a whole, The Elite is driving us, slowly IMO, towards a fascist state.

But, I believe that The Elite is fractured into factions.  There are many players, with differing agendas, and many of them do not like other parts of the The Elite (eg, the Obamas and the Clintons are enemies, most companies have to COMPETE against their rivals).  I contend that these factions fighting each other (at least from time to time) are the “sand in the machine”, if you will, that are preventing one small-ish group from taking us into fascism.

OK, I have two sets of experiences to offer regarding fascist states and what they are like.  Again, fascist is just shorthand for a dictatorial state. 

My first set of experiences includes my work at .gov.  I was an “Imagery Analyst” (photo interpreter) at the Three Letters.  I believe you can actually call them up and verify that over the phone, though they tell you very little, just that, yes I worked there during that time period.  While I was there, I had ample opportunity to look at the USSR, China and other places.  I had Top Secret SI / TK clearances, but not all access, just the clearances for my “need to know”, very typical of their policies and mentality.  My work was looking at and studying foreign facilities (economic, not military) and writing up my judgments based on what I saw and whatever other intelligence was available on my task.  Among MANY other things, I saw with my own eyes certain things that proved to me that the USSR, for example, was a BAD PLACE.  I saw their typical convict labor camps, for example.  I saw, over and over, their very distinctive prison pattern, including the corner set aside for punishing “problem prisoners”…  So I SAW a fascist state from above.  There was NEVER any doubt that the USSR looked bad.  And it was bad.

Also while at the Three Letters, I never saw or heard any talk of tiny controlling cabals or similar.  In fact there was relatively little talk about politics.  But, I was a low-level worker bee.  Still, it is VERY HARD to keep BIG SEXY SECRETS secret…  The only example that I know of where a lot of people knew something really BIG AND SEXY was “The Manhattan Project” where I believe thousands knew more or less what was going on, yet they managed to keep it secret.  I do not know of any other BIG SEXY SECRETS that a lot of people knew about and kept secret.  I read somewhere that if more than about 40 people know something BIG AND SEXY, then the word will get out…  And there’s the old saying: Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead…

My second set of relevant experiences is my world travel.  I have been to approximately 25 foreign countries.  Of particular note would be my visit to East Germany and Poland, in 1984, how fitting…  After quitting the Three Letters, my cousin and I went to Europe, Israel and Egypt as young adventurers.  Part of our trip to Europe was to see if we could find any “roots” in Poland, my father’s side of the family is of mostly Polish ancestry.  We went through E Germany by train to Poznan, Poland.  We spent maybe 12 days in four Polish cities.  The cops were the bad guys.  But, Communism was not very “efficient”, Poland was considered kind of the “Latin America” of Eastern Europe.  Nonetheless, it was amply clear to us, as young adventurers, that Communism was HATED in Poland, and that eventually Poland played its part in breaking Communism…  But, even more of note was our return to Western Europe.  They stopped the train just east of East Berlin.  The East German Border Guards then searched the train, VERY THOROUGHLY.  Popping the ceiling panels and inspecting the undercarriage of each train car, with dogs…  These guys were dressed up like the Gestapo guys you see in movies…  THEY were the true sons of the Nazis…  I saw this with my own eyes.  At a particular moment I became amused by all of this, my cousin warned me at one point to “wipe that smirk off your face”, LOL…

So I have seen fascist states from above and on the ground.  Those places were VERY different than the USA.  I also got a tiny glimpse into North Korea while on a recent trip, when I took a “DMZ Tour”, quite popular they tell me…  North Korea is very bad.  You can see stripped mountains, no trees, stripped for firewood…


I contend that we are not anywhere near that point of being a fascist state.  I am very troubled by the direction my country is going however.  There is no doubt that Homeland Security, TSA, “FEMA Camp” talk, NDAA, drones, traffic cameras, the HUGE Utah facility soon to come online are all very troubling.  We ARE going in a bad direction.  The UN is interfering (Agenda 21), and much of The Elite support bullshit like Carbon Taxes, the Codex Almentarius and taking away our guns (“Molon Labe, bitchez”).  The police have changed…  They are no longer your friend…  They are cowardly revenue generators for the broke municipalities who will not cut their spending and/or their Public Sector Unions (which even liberal icon FDR opposed).  OF COURSE I am over-generalizing re cops, my Tai Chi instructor is a cop, and with real ethics.

Let’s explore some of The Elite and look at why I see them partly at odds with each other.  Unions vs. the corporations, at least where there are unionized businesses.  Clearly at odds (except the odd case of the car companies).  Public sector unions vs. the municipalities (and the taxpayers).  Feuding rich and powerful families.  Corporations mostly compete with each other (except that in the case of the banks and the oil companies there is much collusive behavior).  I contend that the R-Team and the D-Team are NOT the same.  ß We will see much in 2013 if the R-Team wins it all, my opinion could change very quickly…  Rich liberals (“Limousine Liberals”) vs. rich conservatives (Koch brothers).  Racial incitement.  Lobbyist vs. Lobbyist.  Subsidized businesses vs. those that are not. 

Many would contend that the above contending groups are merely theater for mass consumption.  I disagree.  In my own industry (rolling bearings) I have seen the shameful behavior of Timken, the only US owned bearing company of any world-class scale.  Timken has, for decades, been hard at work to have our .gov slap the foreign bearing companies with quotas and tariffs, with some pretty good success.  Hit the BIG BAD foreigners “dumping” their bearings into the USA.  Who is on the other side?  Foreign countries and companies like Caterpillar…  Caterpillar used to have terrible delivery problems with Torrington (bought by Timken)…  VERY expensive (broken) machinery would sit on jobsites, waiting on bearings that Torrington was unable to deliver in a timely manner.  Were I Caterpillar, I too would want the option of buying foreign bearings with an abusive supplier like Torrington was.  Corporation vs. corporation, supplier vs. customer.


So, I conclude that we are NOT THERE, yet, to being in imminent danger of becoming a fascist state.  Yes, there are many new policies leading us there, but we are not there yet.  Not even close.  But sometimes things can build up, and then change very fast.  The fall of Communism in Europe shows us that.  There are troubling signs, and it is up to all of us to defend our liberties, while we still have them.

I believe that we can turn this around, or even revolt if things get bad enough.  80,000,000 gun owners and many ex-military will help…


  1. Robert, you say you are not a conspiracy nut and then go on to list things you do consider credible that mainstream would shrug off as conspiracy theory.

    The best secrets are 'hidden in plain sight' and using controlled media to ridicule any 'bad' thoughts, it is not difficult to manage perception.
    As long as the free thinkers can be made to look odd, they never get enough critical mass to impact mainstream.

    The only conspiracy theory i have trouble with 'allowing to be possible' is the moon landings.

    Those old NASA guys like Neil Armstrong, just scream credibility. They are simply not wired for bullshit and would have had to have had an 'accident' before now if that particular story had any truth.

    Yet this is just another trick used to discredit all conspiracy thinking.

    Deep down we know when we are being lied to but theres so much info coming at us its hard to use the subtle filter of intuition on all of it.

    Another trick to keep us from thinking too much.

  2. It used to be that "conspiracy theorists" had a lot of difficulty finding and connecting dots. Seems like these days, there are an awful lot of dots everywhere you look.


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