Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare: Bad Medicine For America

I was as surprised as anyone when the Supreme Court failed to strike down the "Individual Mandate" (meaning that if you choose NOT to purchase health insurance, they whack you with a tax) part of Obamacare, and dismayed as well.  I am not a constitutional layer, but it looks like the key for Chief Justice John Roberts to allow the Individual Mandate to become law is that the Mandate is indeed a tax...  Although Obama & Co. emphatically declared that it was NOT a tax while they were pushing their odious program through Congress, they then declared before the Supreme Court that it was not an unconstitutional "penalty" but indeed a TAX.  Obama & Co. saying it was not a tax while peddling this, then arguing before the Supreme Court it was a tax.


When I was young, they called this "talking out of both sides of your mouth".  I cannot think of a better example of such hypocrisy.


Obamacare on so many levels is very bad program.  Clocking in at well over 2000 pages, I should have included THIS in my article on complex things being dangerous.  I wonder how many people have actually read it?  Probably less than 1000 people.  Whoever they were, they are likely very powerful people, or have lawyers do it for them.


The single main problem I have with Obamacare is that the whole gigantic grotesquerie pushes that much closer to a dictatorial government.  Just days ago I wrote an article here on whether or not we are a Fascist State (short version: not yet).  I will write more on this below, as I believe that this is another move by a big part of our Elite to impose their control over us.

There are many avenues to increased governmental control (they can access our medical data, deny us treatments, forces us into insurance schemes, may lead to schemes like monitoring and taxing our diets, dictate what a doctor can charge, etc.).

Obamacare is so complex that I cannot even think of more than the above (each of which is troubling), but what apparently will happen (if Obamacare is not stopped) is that each year will usher in tighter and tighter controls.  Does that sound OK to you?  More government controls?  It does NOT sound OK to me.

So what bothers me (and many others) the most is the centralization of power to inflict further CONTROLS on our society.  Get in line, bitchez!


Obama & Co. claim that Obamacare will save us money.  Yes, that's what they say!  Pretty brazen, no?

Gigantic government social programs NEVER save us money, they ALWAYS cost much more than advertised.

Obamacare will cost us trillions...  Watch and see.  Do not believe the Liars on the political left.  Can ANYONE honestly argue that this president, who has added to the National Debt MORE than ALL the previous presidents put together, cares about saving money???  He does not.  He is a liar.


Will Obamacare benefit the economy, as its backers claim?  Please.  Small businesses will hire fewer people and sack their health benefits packages.

Who will want to start a small business now?

Who will want to become a doctor now?


President Obama shows us more psychopathic tendencies than any other recent president I can think of.  Worse than the much-hated George W. Bush.


I mentioned above (with the link) my article in The Fractured Elite being the main reason why we are not a fascist state yet.

My notion of a Fractured Elite may be given a test!  In November we elect a president for the next four years.  If Obama wins, and is somehow not restrained by Congress, then we can expect more "Obamacare-like  things" to happen.  More control, more hypocrisy.  If Romney wins, then that will mark an important test of my hypothesis, that there ARE some differences between the Republicans and the Democrats.  Romney just today announced that he would "repeal and replace" Obamacare starting on Day One.

If Romney does NOT work to undo Obamacare (and to undo much other damage done to us by the current president, especially in regards to cutting spending...), then I will have been proven wrong, that they have the same puppet-masters.  What is voting worth if we cannot get change?  Then what will I do?

I will go Galt.


  1. Hi Robert,
    Stomach churning, isn't it - but really just another in "long train of abuses and usurpations" . I read your take on conspiratorial history, power elite and such and can't help but wonder "what caused John Roberts to go against everything he ever 'stood for' ". Surely no midnight visit, but he had to have been motivated by something other than principle, since this decision violates every principle he claims to stand for.

    Conservative leader and chairman of ForAmerica, Brent Bozell had harsh words for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after Thursday’s ruling on ObamaCare. “His reputation is forever stained in the eyes of conservatives, and there will be no rehabilitating of it,” Bozell said. “He will be seen as a traitor to his philosophy.”

    “If the swing vote had been Kennedy, conservatives would have been disappointed, but not surprised,” Bozell added. “But the fact that it was Roberts, I think, was shocking.”

    Bozell doesn’t think it’s likely to happen, but also said: “People are already talking about the idea that he could be replaced as Chief Justice.”

    Romney will be helped politically, “What it will point to to conservatives is that they need a good three man margin on the court. They can’t be satisfied with a majority, because you just can’t trust them.”

    “Now comes the next step,” Bozell told me. “Either the Republicans honor their commitments to repeal this monstrosity, or their needs to be a movement to repeal Republicans.”
    Read more:

    There is truly no superlative strong enough to express my utter contempt for the slime that is government and nothing that emanates from there ever surprises me, no matter how vile.

    Peace and good fortune to you and yours,


  2. Buying precious metals and removing wealth from the paper markets and electronic banking system is a form of going Galt.

    If Obamacare isn't repealed very soon, expect with normal scope creep that eventually the government will be dictating what you can eat and what you can do (or pay more "taxes" because you are burdening the system).

    "Land of the free."

    It's disgusting what our FedGov has done.


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