Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Most Excellent Halloween

Sometimes you win big!

Today was like that for me.  FOFOA started me off this morning with a nice & scary (not to mention commendably short) Halloween Story!  FOFOA!  Make this a series while you still have time!


Soon after I had a meeting that went better than I could have even hoped for, I will not bore you with the details.


After that I had my annual (more-or-less) physical with my doctor.  Everything went fine, and then the Grand Finale...  Similar to last year:

Robert Mix:  "Doctor, are you sure there is, ah, no, chemical way to check this?  You know, like from my blood test or urinanalysis?"

Doctor B:  "No. Sorry."

I then mentioned maybe it was just as well, as it would be good training for Belle Glade ("Google it")...  I then mentioned (like last year...) that he should just hide a tape recorder there in the room and tape all the really different noises that come from deep within the human male body re that exam, and once he has some variety post it at YouTube...  I swear that his finger gets a little fatter every year...


When I got home, I found that I had some extra energy, so I decided to go ahead and "take some exercise".  As it was late afternoon on Halloween, I was happy to note NO CHILDREN AROUND, so I got my Tai Chi sword out (I do not practice with the sword when children and/or Security are around).  I did my two forms and a decent amount of sword work (I have just started learning this, it is awesome cool).

When I finished my Tai Chi, I went to the spa and worked some of the weights.  I loaded up the bench press to 165 lbs (which matches my own weight).  I had read years ago that "a man ought to be able to lift his own weight."  I presume that means a full scale barbell lift (from the floor), which is harder than the bench press.  I asked some TEENAGE DUUUUUDE to "spot me" (assist me in lifting the weight in case I could not do it), but I heaved it up (one time) just fine.  That is the most I have lifted since I was a young lad of 40...

Next up was my run.  So I hid my sword and hit the trail.  I have decided to add some variety to my runs, so I duck under branches, hurdle over a wall, speed up & slow down, etc.  Upon finishing my run, I retrieved my sword and headed for the entrance of our condo building.  A family of three was waiting, perhaps for the Valet to deliver their car.

The door slid open, and as I passed them one of those little shitty white dogs (toy poodles so beloved of the ex-NYC-ers here, I guess)  BARKED at me, very loud!  I did not notice the little son-of-a-bitch (yes, you can look that one up too!) when I had walked past.  The little thing had an impressive bark, enough to startle me some.

And then, one of those moments that many men wait for..., wait for, for years!  I stopped, glanced over at the Concierge, and unsheathed my sword!


The Concierge screamed:  "Noooohh!  Please don't kill the dog!!!"

I then told her not to worry, that I had no intention to, and that it was just an El Cheapo Chinese sword for practicing sword forms in Tai Chi, and put it back where it belonged...  (Big smile)


So, in the shower after that, recollecting the various moments of this awesome day, I then thought this would make a nice blog post!  Some of you already know I get some of my most creative ideas in the shower...  I had the post almost already written in there!  And then I saw what my lovely dear wife had made for dinner:




My day was one in a thousand...  May all of you have days like this!

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