Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preview Of Coming Posts And A Request...

I have a few ideas (for future posts here at the blog) rattling around in my head, but these are not "fully baked" yet...  I ask you, my readers to send along any comments or ideas on the below:

1) Income

I am starting to see more references re ways to get more income, an important subject.  Some of you may have good ideas!  If you contribute something, I will certainly attribute it however you wish.


2) A post on both gold and natural gas

Both are undervalued IMO.  I just need to do some more research on NatGas and a bit more on gold.  I plan this one to be my next piece.

I am interested in natural gas as an important cog in America's energy future, but am not up to speed yet.  Your ideas are very welcome!


3) Building My "Permanent Portfolio"

For sometime I have been mulling over buying certain stocks that I would intend to "Buy and Hold" for a long time.  I am already quite diversified, but I would like to take some stakes in companies that meet certain requirements:

-- they have a "moat" (hard to compete against and/or barriers to entry)
-- they produce "capital goods" (I use the term loosely here), "help the world grow"
-- they throw off a dividend, even if small
-- they have a solid balance sheet, very strong, with a worldwide presence

A worldwide presence is not mandatory, but is a partial defense against another Obama term, most of you know that I have "Zero Interest" in him.

Because I have gold and other assets, I do not require a "Jim Cramer" style of diversification.  I am OK with concentration in certain sectors (like owning Cummins (CMI) and CAT, for example, no problem).  I do not want to be totally locked into "metal-bashing" however, or any too narrow sector or group.

I believe I am looking for a list of about 8 - 12 companies' stock to buy.


4) Silver!

As always, I am still looking for someone to write a good and dense article on the investment and/or SHTF case for silver.

I have been unable to make progress in learning enough about silver nor gain enthusiasm (although I do own it).

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