Friday, October 26, 2012

Visitors To My Blog Since January 6, 2012

Some of you might enjoy seeing the figures below.  They come from the ClustrMaps widget I installed on January 6 of this year.  I saw the widget at ancona's blog, (Silver Is Money:

Note that, according Google's own stats, ClustrMaps does not capture EVERY reader, but then it DOES filter out "spiders" and "bots" (thanks PMBug for that bit of info!  Check out his site:

Special thanks as well to DCFusor, ZH-er and PMBug-er (er, well, member of!  He is a physicist and has a lot of "Making Stuff" at HIS forum:  Wow, your site is changing Doug!  I need to drop by more often.  Doug!  A book you might like just came out: Anderson, Chris, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.  It's brand new, and all about 3-D Printing and related technologies.

Who are my readers listed below?  I have no idea...  With the exceptions of BAHRAIN and CAMBODIA, where I have two readers with whom I have had happy and productive exchanges.  Many of my Peruvian readers are my in-laws there in Peru: Hola Mis Cuñados!

 United States (US)12,864
California (CA)2,363
Florida (FL)1,364
Texas (TX)879
New York (NY)754
Illinois (IL)493
New Jersey (NJ)396
Pennsylvania (PA)393
Washington (WA)388
Virginia (VA)358
Georgia (GA)305
Oklahoma (OK)304
Ohio (OH)294
Michigan (MI)279
Minnesota (MN)273
Massachusetts (MA)251
North Carolina (NC)250
Arizona (AZ)237
Oregon (OR)221
Colorado (CO)213
Maryland (MD)198
Wisconsin (WI)173
Connecticut (CT)162
Tennessee (TN)150
Missouri (MO)145
Nevada (NV)137
Armed Forces Pacific (AP)126
South Carolina (SC)119
District of Columbia (DC)117
Indiana (IN)101
Utah (UT)90
Iowa (IA)86
Kansas (KS)73
South Dakota (SD)62
Arkansas (AR)62
Alabama (AL)62
New Mexico (NM)61
Hawaii (HI)60
Idaho (ID)55
Kentucky (KY)49
Louisiana (LA)45
New Hampshire (NH)45
Rhode Island (RI)36
Nebraska (NE)36
Maine (ME)35
Montana (MT)33
Alaska (AK)32
Mississippi (MS)29
Wyoming (WY)27
Delaware (DE)25
Vermont (VT)23
North Dakota (ND)16
West Virginia (WV)9
 Canada (CA)1,194
 United Kingdom (GB)891
 Australia (AU)551
 Germany (DE)311
 Netherlands (NL)261
 Sweden (SE)161
 India (IN)159
 Peru (PE)155
 Italy (IT)145
 Belgium (BE)144
 Switzerland (CH)142
 France (FR)122
 New Zealand (NZ)121
 Singapore (SG)116
 Thailand (TH)82
 Korea, Republic of (KR)73
 Ireland (IE)63
 Finland (FI)61
 Brazil (BR)60
 Japan (JP)59
 Spain (ES)58
 Poland (PL)58
 Russian Federation (RU)54
 Philippines (PH)53
 Hong Kong (HK)51
 Mexico (MX)42
 Austria (AT)40
 South Africa (ZA)39
 Malaysia (MY)39
 Portugal (PT)37
 Norway (NO)35
 Colombia (CO)34
 United Arab Emirates (AE)33
 Denmark (DK)33
 Romania (RO)33
 Czech Republic (CZ)31
 Greece (GR)30
 Turkey (TR)28
 Egypt (EG)25
 Hungary (HU)24
 Bahrain (BH)24
 Slovakia (SK)24
 Indonesia (ID)23
 Pakistan (PK)21
 Slovenia (SI)21
 Bulgaria (BG)21
 Taiwan (TW)21
 Argentina (AR)19
 Cambodia (KH)19
 Asia/Pacific Region (AP)16
 Croatia (HR)16
 Serbia (RS)14
 Ukraine (UA)14
 Saudi Arabia (SA)13
 Israel (IL)13
 China (CN)12
 Costa Rica (CR)11
 Chile (CL)11
 Vietnam (VN)11
 Puerto Rico (PR)11
 Lithuania (LT)10
 Kenya (KE)9
 Panama (PA)9
 Mauritius (MU)8
 Estonia (EE)8
 Iceland (IS)7
 Luxembourg (LU)6
 Nepal (NP)6
 Ecuador (EC)6
 Cyprus (CY)5
 Dominican Republic (DO)5
 Oman (OM)5
 Kazakstan (KZ)5
 Malta (MT)5
 Qatar (QA)5
 Latvia (LV)5
 Uruguay (UY)5
 Angola (AO)4
 Bangladesh (BD)4
 Sri Lanka (LK)4
 Nigeria (NG)4
 Isle of Man (IM)4
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)3
 Morocco (MA)3
 Venezuela (VE)3
 Paraguay (PY)3
 Barbados (BB)3
 Guam (GU)3
 Kuwait (KW)3
 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY)3
 Lebanon (LB)3
 Algeria (DZ)3
 Cayman Islands (KY)2
 Tunisia (TN)2
 Liechtenstein (LI)2
 Moldova, Republic of (MD)2
 Bolivia (BO)2
 French Polynesia (PF)2
 Montenegro (ME)2
 Uganda (UG)2
 Andorra (AD)2
 Virgin Islands, British (VG)2
 Bahamas (BS)2
 Macedonia (MK)2
 Guatemala (GT)2
 Yemen (YE)2
 Palestinian Territory (PS)2
 Bermuda (BM)2
 Nicaragua (NI)2
 Mongolia (MN)2
 Netherlands Antilles (AN)2
 Swaziland (SZ)1
 Belarus (BY)1
 Zimbabwe (ZW)1
 Jordan (JO)1
 Fiji (FJ)1
 Jersey (JE)1
 Trinidad and Tobago (TT)1
 Armenia (AM)1
 Albania (AL)1
 Monaco (MC)1
 Ghana (GH)1
 Jamaica (JM)1
 Cote D'Ivoire (CI)1
 Suriname (SR)1
 Guernsey (GG)1
 Brunei Darussalam (BN)1

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