Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quepos: Day Two

I was very blessed today.  Five items came up, and they all broke my way.  I did not fish today.

After breakfast, I took a walk along the road here.  And saw a morpho, a BIG blue butterfly, native only to the American tropics.  Here's a picture:

Link to above:


My brother has collected butterflies almost all of his life.  So, when I see a big pretty one like this (call it a 4" wingspan), well, I notice!


I had a great meeting today...


Then I went down to the beach (edge of Manuel Antonio park), where I found a patch of nice grass to do my tai chi forms.  Next to the ocean...

I decided to try my luck bodysurfing, something I have not done in FIVE years (worried about what would happen if I things went wrong and I hurt my cervical spine again, frown...).  So I just took two easy 4' - 5' waves, child's play...  But, I had missed the ROAR of a wave while riding it.  So I was OK passing up the more dangerous 6' waves (hey, I'm almost 58..., yes: "I'm getting too old for this s...!").

Like I mentioned above, truly blessed...


Eight of our group (14 in total) went to the La Mariposa Hotel, where they have a great view of the Pacific for drinks (orange juice in my case, LOL, or would that be </LOL>?).  We watched the sun go down, not a cloud on the horizon...  First, a picture of six of us:

Sunset, seconds after it went down:

A cruise ship, powered by sail!  Alex, our sailing expert, said this was a four-masted ship capable of carrying perhaps 100 passengers.   The picture is fuzzy because it was far away, I had my camera on the maximum zoom, this was picture No. 10, estimated distance about one mile:


And KBC arrived to Ameru there in Peru.  January sales will work out just fine...  Things are going our way in Peru as well.


Pura Vida!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...  One good thing I already am pretty sure about.  But, this will help innoculate me (I hope) for when bad times come.  One of my "virtual friends" has spinal surgery coming soon.  Best to you "DZ", Godspeed!

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