Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Screenshot: Big Money at Bitcoin

I visit two websites often now to pick up more experience with Bitcoin: fiatleak.com (upgraded, worth a look!) and blockchain.info (which monitors much of the activity of recent BTC transactions).

Take a look at a screenshot I captured a few minutes ago at blockchain.info:

*CLICK* on the image to see the details.

BTC Guild just mined a block (and got transaction awards) for almost $23 million!

And the top transaction (in green) just crossed the wires...

BIG MONEY is going into and through BTC...


ounce.me is another nice little site, showing quick info at a glance, another screenshot:

One other little feature of this site that I like is the 10-Year Treasury yield (2.83% above).

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  1. Thanks for the tip on ounce.me I'll definitely be adding that to my watch list!


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