Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Tribute To Another Blogger

The view from our room here in Lima, Peru at 8:00 PM

We are in Lima, Peru, my wife is visiting relatives and friends, and I am here mostly on bearing business.  I am always sympathetic and supportive of other fringe bloggers slaving away to put their thoughts out there for anyone in the world interested enough to read...  One blog I have run into lately is by a Mr. Smith, who shares certain (superficial at least) things with me: he writes a non-commercial blog, is married to a no-nonsense foreign lady and writes whatever he feels like.  Mostly it is a daily account of his personal life.  I invite you to take a look:


I like it because it is deeply personal and he not afraid to use strong language (eg, "filthy atheist" is my favorite of his terms).  There are a number of differences between us however.  He is a macho man living in Korea with his Dragon Lady, and unlike us, they have two young Children of the Rice (we have one grown daughter).  Korea is an interesting country.

So, today, in sincere honor of Smith´s blog I will depart from my customary writing style and write about my day today.  Nothing special.  Skip this if you want, I don´t care.


I woke up at 8:30 AM, happy that my brief bout of "Atahualpa´s Revenge" had passed.  I ate a small but careful breakfast so as not to re-invite trouble.  I then walked across our in-law´s Peruvian style compound to work, where I sat through a meeting I could only partly understand.  The meeting was about different pressures (collecting money, making deliveries with our limited manpower and fleet, divisions of responsabilities, teaching one of our younger guys how to better work with customers, etc.).  I said very little, as those matters are beyond my scope.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee and [hygiene details deleted].

I then examined our upcoming proposed purchase from Iljin (one of our two Korean bearing suppliers), and found it OK.  I took a boring photo of our upcoming export shipment to our customer in Costa Rica (a pallet of bearings and hub & bearing assemblies), hey, The Economist magazine once called the bearing industry one of the world´s most boring industries, who am I to argue?

Since the computer was on anyway, I went to waste some time at some favorite websites (zerohedge.com, and more recently, bitcointalk.org).  Nothing new anywhere, same old stuff.

My wife went off to the "Mercado Indio" (Indian Market) to purchase gifts.  I have already been to the Mercado Indio, there is little of interest for me there.

After work I walked to a nearby park and did my two Tai Chi forms.  I did not perform them well, as it has been eight days since I last did them.  Well too bad.  I needed the exercise.  At least there was hot water for the shower when I got back.

I ate a clean dinner and walked three blocks to Wong, the local supermarket to buy some juice, milk, and raspberries.  Here is a picture of tropical fruit for sale there:

Fruit uncommon in the USA, L - R middle row (below bananas): Carambola (Star Fruit) and  Mamey (olive green), and Maracuya lower right

All of the family has left to go see some movie in Spanish, which I passed on (something about a pregnant woman), but at least we have two more DVDs that Eleodoro (my wife´s father, 93 years old) likes (Combat!, the show I liked when I was a kid and that Eleo likes too).  Maybe tomorrow night we two can watch.another three or four episodes.

Taking another page from Smith´s blog is a song for you to enjoy.  I do not know why, but this song has been going through my head for several days.  Perhaps many of you will remember Jacques Cousteau and the wonder he brought us decades ago (this song I should arguably have put at the end of my last article about the book I reviewed: The Pillar to the Sky).  I hope you enjoy the song, I did.

"...Ay, Calypso, the places you´ve been to
The things that you´ve showed us
The stories you tell 
Ay, Calypso, I sing to your spirit,
The men who have served you so long and so well..."

(Click the link below if the image does not play the song)

mqdefault.jpg (320×180)


God Bless.


  1. Robert...ever been called 'over bearing'...get it?...what... 4 times already this morning? ...nevermind...
    have a great day

  2. Clearly, some days are better than others. One can awaken with the same situation that one retired with, yet the overall perspective has changed. I have always been grateful that in this world, over which we have limited control, I have full control over my attitude. That's a great solace.


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