Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peru Trip Photos And Comments

We leave for the USA late tonight.  I had the chance to do other things than just work on bearing orders and look into mining.

I mentioned at one of the places I commented online that Peruvians do not think politically much like Venezuelans, want proof?  (*Click* on any image for a better view)  El Comercio is Peru´s top newspaper.

94% of Peruvians do not want a "Chavez Model" for their economy.  Only 25% think President Ollanta Humala is doing a good job...  66% think that First Lady Nadine Humala is doing a bad job in her role.  Hmm, sound like any "First Couple" we know?

Here are some surfer-dudes, I took this from the top of the cliffs of Miraflores (Lima), that day the biggest waves were some 5 feet.  They can get substantially larger.

I wrote my two previous mining articles based mainly upon my conversation with Ing. Luis Vargas Barbieri, the Director of Minas y Petroleo, Peru´s weekly paper on mining.  We talked at his office, behind him is a painting by his son:

A curious pair of ads from his paper, Peru´s only real gold refinery (left, which did not allow me to visit) and a Russian hotel there in Lima:

We did have dinner with three of our customers (front, L - R: Collections Director Raul (leaning in), customer Daniel Ramos, Managing Director Cesar Rodriguez, back, L - R: customer Carlos Quispe, customer Silvestre Huaman, Sales Director Roberto and some gringo...):

Lily´s younger grandaughter Alondra delebrated her first birthday and Baptism on the same day.  Here are Lily´s two grandaughters (Camila on the left, 18 months, and Alondra) at her party (75 people showed up):

The next day we went to a Peruvian "country style" restaurant, "La Rustica".  Peru is very proud of being, well, Peru!  Here is La Rustica´s drink coaster:

At La Rustica, little Alondra with her proud grandpa Cesar:

Here are cousins Viviana (who took the pictures of me doing Tai Chi a week or two ago) and Mauricio.  Viviana is the youngest of Lily´s three children, and Mauricio is the youngest of Oscar´s five (both are siblings of my wife).    Viviana and Mauricio get along very well.  Why?  Because they both show each other respect and accept the other for whom they really are.  We need more people like that...  (Viviana recently stayed with us for a few weeks back in January and February).  Both are about 15 and are studying hard to try and come to America to study at American universities.

This next picture shows China´s most popular pickup truck!  It is called the "Wingle" (look hard), although I do not know if that "Wingle" rhymes with tingle or with "ting lay".  It is made by Great Wall, one of many Chinese car brands here in Peru.

Finally, I invite one and all to participate in another contest!  The first one who answers the below question about the "QR" code below wins 0.05 Bitcoin (worth almost $30 as of now).  The answer MUST come by blog comment below, and send me your wallet number (sooner or later) to collect your BTC!  The question is: "What is so unusual (VERY rarely seen) about this QR Code?"  The black border making the outer square is not the answer.


  1. Uh, no lower right corner square?

  2. MUCH rarer, the right answer I had never seen until this one...

  3. It looks very normal to me. After looking unsuccessfully for the Virgin Mary, the only guess I have is that you make a continuous line from the top to the bottom connecting black pixels. Just in case that is right here is my address :-) (1giB1jQnqjwmNW4U4i8autnnVb1fG8HTYM)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. YOU WIN, El Capo!

    Upon inspection of your comment I saw it, yes, you are correct. I have seen TWO QR Codes with white pixels connecting opposite sides, note here that with just ONE more, strategically placed, black pixel and you could connect all four sides.

    I will TRY send to send you the BTC from the house here (but not a good wifi connection) or Lima`s airport tonight (very late). Barring that, I will get it to you upon my return.

    But, you won fair & square! Very alert!

  6. Thanks Robert. I never thought that'd actually be it, but it was :-). This is the first bitcoin I have gained without paying for it using $ or trading. So it is a nice feeling ha ha.

    1. Well, the bad news is that you will always be looking at QR Codes differently now...

      Oh, and let me ruin one other thing for you. Look for the white arrow in FedEx`s official logo, look hard you`ll see it. Now and forever!


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