Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Analyzing Zero Hedge, v. 2

This evening I am working on expanding on the idea of categorizing and tabulating Zero Hedge articles based on "Category" (or theme of the article).

I have categorized 13 articles from today (September 13).  Each article falls only into one category.  Listed below are the Categories (of articles) for which there is (IMO) a positive or a negative outlook.  The greater the number (positive or negative), the more articles in that Category are positive or negative (I know, badly explained, I'll be back later on this).  Some of the articles already in my database do not have a "1" or a "-1" because they are not relevant.

This is clearly a work in progress.  But, as I get more articles in there, I will be able to show changes through time, how negative (or positive) Guest Post articles (Contributor articles, etc.) and other information that might be of interest.

Once this has gotten a little bigger (and with luck more useful), I will give a complete explanation of what EXACTLY I am doing and how.

ZH Current Meme Index, 13-Sep-2011
Sum PosNeg
Economic Indicators

Another look at the below link:



After another day or two at this, I would like to hear back from you!  I have another idea or two re reviewing Zero Hedge as well.

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