Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reviewing Zero Hedge! Version 1

One of my readers yesterday tossed a grenade into the tranquil waters of my (virtual) swimming pool by suggesting I review Zero Hedge!

I have reflected a bit on this, and to review ALL of ZH would be too big a job and would not be current (one of ZH's MANY great things is that they break news very fast).

The below is a possible way to summarize ZH.  This is just categorizing and tabulating ZH articles.  I will try to do this each day for a few days at 2:00 PM (convenient for me to be at the computer) for a fixed time (even if arbitrary).  OBVIOUSLY this is not statistically valid for squat!

ZH Current Meme Index, v. 1
No. of Articles
Zero Hedge 2:00 PM Stories
(13 Sept 2011)
Gold and PMs
Europe, Greece, Default
** Bruce Krasting
** Cognitive Dissonance
** Phoenix Capital
US Treasuries
Broken Markets, HFT, stocks
Economic Indicators
FX, Derivatives, other

Well that's not pretty, so here's a link for a cleaner look:


Please (someone) click the above link and let me know if it works OK for you!


I will review some articles as well as tabulate the above, at least for the next few days or so.

I will NOT review articles for which I know very little (trading, FX, derivatives, etc.).

Your reviews of this idea would be of great value to me!  Thanks in advance!


  1. I'm amazed at the number of comments at Turd Ferguson's new site. This could be a trend, use ZH to establish a brand and then launch to a more focused site.

  2. That is kind of what I have done JT! Although I am at this for other reasons than TF. I do not want to work too hard... TF has a great site, and I congratulate him. I'll have to sign up!

  3. Your link worked just fine. I'll stay tuned for your tweaking of the ZH review. I can hardly keep up with the articles, let alone comment as I'd like to. Avoiding the trollish and fanatical comments is getting more and more difficult!

  4. it is a pleasure to read about you people having the same attitude on ZH-commenters...a sad thing when I imagine they annoyed so many other, much more intelligent commenters.
    And this includes Mr Racoon of course, which I am really delighted to see here!

    greetings from an old ZH-lurker! I learned so much from all ya since mid 2009 - its like I cant stop saying thank you! :)


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