Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photos From a Wedding

For the moment, the below two links are the only way I can get some photos from my niece's wedding last weekend. I will update with more photos later on (when I can get some from my wife and/or daughter).

The below photo and article are courtesy of The Beaufort Gazette:

Mix, Stapleton | islandpacket.com

My sister-in-law Vicki (mother of the bride) posted the below 10 photos:



  1. Dang, couldn't post comments till a switched browsers. Congrats on the wedding. Was reading some of you comments on ZH today about holding FRN's on the BOA debit card article. I've done just a bit of research on FRN's in circulation. An idea for a future article

  2. Hmm. Readers like you have suggested articles in the past that I went and did. I'll research it too. Feel free to send me anything (via email). Finally, if you have enough, you can write a Guest Post here!


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