Monday, September 26, 2011


Today when we were coming home from my niece's wedding we attended over the weekend (and so passing by the "other" coin shop), I bought more gold!

Spot was $1601 at that moment, I paid $1682, so a hair over 5%. 24hgold's/eBay's widget has THEIR price at some 16% over spot, so I feel OK about my purchase (no shipping or insurance charges either).


Earlier in my career as a Junior ZeroHedge Commentator (JZC), I wrote "ad nauseum" that gold was a GIFT at under $1500 (and this first started when gold was about $900). While gold at $1620 or so is not the gift it once was, I do believe that TPTB and the speculators (= "weak hands") have given us a short-term gift of lower gold prices.

Could they go lower still? Sure. But, the future is very bright for gold. And I ate my own dog food today by buying more.


Because PLATINUM Eagles are so hard to find nowadays, I always ask at each coin shop I visit. For a couple years now, the answer is always "no". Today, the same guy had a Platinum Eagle, a 2009 Proof in the Mint box. He wanted $400 over spot, I hemmed and hawed, but went for it ($1950). It is a beautiful coin, and while I know that I am NOT into numismatics (as a whole), this was a purchase that made me feel all warm and fuzzy as well.

So, take heart, especially if you are in the market to buy PMs soon. They are not PRINTING any more of them!

EDIT (10:50 PM ET):

While the coin shop had no shortage of AGEs or Buffalos, they had NO 2010s or 2011s...

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