Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have visited pmbug.com (mentioned briefly in my last article) and found it to be an interesting site, one I will continue to contribute (comments) to.

It is a forum style site, and the administrator allows people who join (free, no hoops) to even start threads, as I did just today.  It looks like his site (quite new) may take off.  It is a less frenetic site than Zero Hedge or tfmetalsreport.com.  Mr. Ferguson has a great site, but the fast pace of his site is not for me, as I get all the speed I need at ZH.  And yet pmbug.com runs at a quicker clip than fofoa.blogspot.com and covers more territory.

I invite you all to go and take a look at that website.  It is quite possible that he may attract real experts: people who could tell us how to detect phony gold, people who know about other precious metals (like platinum and iridium).

Any of you who have expertise with IRIDIUM metal, please let me know!

Gold is on a little tear...  But, some over at ZH advise caution in being long, they do not like the "price action" (?).  Perhaps those commenting like that are traders, not stackers.

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