Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Day Today!

With the Dow down 632 points and gold up about $50 I think we see a HUGE DISTRUST of our .gov to do anything right.

I heard NOTHING reassuring from the president today, it looks to me like he wants RAISE taxes.

Even if the PPT (or anyone else) comes in with piles of money buy the S&P futures to "save" the markets, it will ultimately fail, as it always has.

Gold is still cheap at $1700.  Do not let price pullbacks dissuade you or bother you.  These are part of the deal.  "It is all about the ounces" <--- from the philosophical king of my clan of the PM tribe.  Do not wait to BTFD.  Just buy.

And when your life's end is at hand, you will have the best physical gift for your child/ren.   Have faith in gold.  And more in God.


I am going OFF the grid after about 10:00 pm ET tonight, and it will be for a while.  Nothing is wrong, and I will tell you why after I am back up.

So, until I re-surface, any of your emails will be unanswered...  Please save yourselves the aggravation of non-responses by not sending me anything!

Best to you all, and thanks for coming by!

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