Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Evil Empire Strikes Back!

^---  Take a look above!  They do not even try to hide the manipulation anymore.  They own the MSM...

My understanding is that one of the exchanges raised margins on gold trading, but if you want more reliable information at this stage, I would go to as Mr. Ferguson is MUCH better connected than I am with short term moves, trading, and the clear manipulation going on.

This changes NOTHING re buying and holding gold.

Debt Ceiling Agreement?  Just more spending, debt, lies and taxes.

BTFD.  BTFS.  Buy.Gold.Now.

As I write, the DOW is down 400...

--- crashed for awhile today.  I was with my only friend who follows these kinds of events.  We thought it was also the Evil Empire at work.  Turns out it was very heavy traffic (the most since the Flash Crash) that BLEW UP one of their overseas servers...

Update on Zero Hedge (2:45 PM ET):

About 80% of the time I try to get on ZH, I cannot get through.

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