Friday, August 5, 2011

Today at the Coin Shop

Today I went and bought a little bit of gold.  At the coin shop, there was a lady behind me, middle aged.  She had a gold coin in a pendant on a gold chain.  She told me that she was there to sell it.  She asked me what it might be worth (a gold 1971 Rand, a coin I am not familiar with).  I asked her if could examine it, it seemed to weigh about 1/5th of an oz. So, I told her maybe she could get $300, but that the coin shop guy was the expert, not me.
She then dropped the bomb: margin call...
I wished her good luck.
There is real pain out there due to the meltdown this week.


  1. "She then dropped the bomb: margin call..."

    No. Farking. Way.


  2. The little anecdote is completely true.

  3. Wow.

    Clearly, the Principle of Maximum Ruin is in full swing!

  4. Yes, and lots more pain coming I am afraid. I will be manning my desk Sunday evening, computer all fired up.

  5. And I am here with you Robert.

  6. I like this story. Glad you were smart enough to load up this Fri., good timing this time. :)


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