Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Closing in on $120,000 of Debt / Taxpayer. Gold.

^---  Scary number just above!  I think I will keep this widget.  How many of us could pay the $120,000?  If .gov would let me make a One Time Payment and relieve me of further taxation (at least Income Tax), I would take it...  THAT will never happen.

Gold seems to be hanging in rather well, up again today even when the US$ was up as well.  See T. Ferguson's site for news on what moved gold today.


FOFOA has a new article up at his blog.  There is about a new entrant in the buy gold and have it stored for you (allocated) business that appears to have a better business model than the current companies in that space.  FOFOA solicits comments!  My comment is that I prefer my gold right here next to me.

But, this new company is of interest because it is a little closer to being a better custodian of your gold.  But, you still have to trust them.  Check it out for yourselves!


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