Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fish Stories...

A lot of my readers are from the testostorone-fueled world of Zero Hedge, where traders are manly and call each other bitchez!  This article is for you guys!

It has been a tradition in my family to go to Costa Rica once in awhile on sport-fishing expeditions.  The Pacific Coast of C.R. offers some of the best deep sea sport-fishing around.  The main target fish are sailfish, marlins, dorados, rooster-fish and tuna.  So, I will share some pictures and anecdotes from one our trips there.  Email me if you ever want serious details if you ever want to go yourselves (my brother plans these trips and has the contact info).

On this trip there were 9 of us, our groups are typically between 6 and 19 (!).  Sorry, no ladies!

The below photo is my Peruvian brother-in-law Oscar (closer to camera) about to land a sailfish.  Sailfish and marlins, under Costa Rican law, have to be let back into the sea, "catch and release".

The picture below is ME reeling one in.  YES, my wife is always telling me to eat more...

The below is my brother with his catch of the day!

The below picture, taken by my friend, shows (l - r) my wife's brother Oscar, me and her father Eleodoro, who was 86 years old when the picture was taken (he is now 90).  Careful observers might note bearing brand logos on a couple of those T-shirts.

And the "piece de resistance" is Eleodoro himself with the dorado (aka "dolphin fish or "mahi-mahi") he brought in. That fish fed all 9 of us that night in town at our favorite restaurant there, with enough meat to be prepared three different ways.

It might be useful to note that Eleodoro NEVER smiles for camera pictures.  Only two such photos exist...

Bring that fish in Eleo!

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