Thursday, January 26, 2012

Calling Russia! And The Rest Of The World!

My new widget, the ClustrMaps above, does not show ANYBODY having visited my blog from Russia!  Yet Google (Blogger's statistics) says this blog has had 60 visits from Russia in the past week and 19 just today!  This widget has been up since January 6.  NEITHER Google nor the widget show who you are, just what country you are in.

Since my blog began (May 2011), Russia holds position number 7 among countries in total views ("hits") here.

I am "out of my mind curious" about some of you visiting from Russia, and I would very much like to hear from one or more of you there, and tell me what you like here or what is on your mind...  I will not mention any names of course.

"Guest Post Opportunities Available" if anyone there would like to write something on Russia that fits in with my blog's general material.  Here in the USA we do not hear much news from Russia, particularly of a financial nature.


Same goes for any of you who I already know!  I "know" (virtual friends) people in England, Belgium, Bahrain (he essentially wrote a Guest Post), Japan, and a few other places.

I would like to have Guest Posts from time-to-time.  Especially an article about silver, but really anything interesting that fits would be welcome.

"Think Things Are Bad In America?  How About Here In (insert country here)?"

"The Oil Business Here In My Country"

"Why Do You Not Buy Bearings From My Country?"


Robert A. Mix

v---  Or better yet, leave a comment below!



Thanks to pmbug (who has a great forum at who knows a lot about computers, he noted (comment below) that my visitors from Russia are likely to all be "spiders" and/or "bots".

I had 17 more bots and spiders visit just today!  C'mon, guys!  If you bots and spiders come here, leave us a comment, sheesh!


  1. Your Russian visitors are actually "bots" or "spiders" - computer programs and not humans. The reason they don't register on your map widget is because they are not processing javascript.

  2. Thanks pmbug! My computer skills are very basic. Well, why don't the "bots" and the "spiders" at least drop off a comment something while here?


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