Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Record Year!

I am happy to announce that our bearing import company in Peru (Ameru Trading del Peru S.A.) had a record year in 2011!

Year Total Sales
1999 $442,634.70
2000 $545,369.41
2001 $413,146.06
2002 $390,902.78
2003 $396,484.10
2004 $422,405.76
2005 $495,858.49
2006 $629,388.58
2007 $780,246.53
2008 $894,069.17
2009 $863,963.03
2010 $905,912.08
2011 $926,366.52


  1. Fabulous RM. I guess I need to rub your head and get some of that luck you seem to have, because our gross receipts are off over 50% YOY. In addition, although we worked veery hard on chopping down our G&A, it crept back up this year in the form of a higher minimum premium for WC/GL/E&O insurances.

    It must be like a fucking dream for you sometimes, to work and do business in a country where half of it is done in cash and unreported. If I did that here, I would be in tax prison.

  2. Peru's economic growth in recent years has rivaled that of China. That explains a lot of Ameru's sales growth.

    It is important to note that we do not hide any income or not report sales. The taxman is very aggressive EVERYWHERE you go! If we tried that kind of garbage in Peru, we would go to jail too!

    I would GUESS that the paperwork burden on our company would be similar to that of companies of similar size in the USA, perhaps a little more. Peru is NOT at all a panacea, but it IS an escape hatch.

  3. Robt,
    Wow, CONGRATS to a hell of a guy!!!.
    You deserve it,or it would not have happened.
    Miraculous in these times.
    A salute to your entire team,and family.
    Hard work always pays off.


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