Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Gold Graphic

Here is a cool graphic showing very salient facts about gold in one nice cozy place.  Click on the image for a better view.

All The World's Gold
In this infographic we take a look at various facts about gold.

Number Sleuth is a site that's all about numbers. On our blog we will be posting infographics about statistical trends and various other number related facts.
Numbers make our world go round. Economies run on numbes. Science gets analyzed in numbers. Bombs get built by numbers. People are identified by numbers (social security numbes, phone numbers, street address numbers, etc.)
Number Sleuth is our attempt to pay homage to numbers, especially statistics, from a unique and refreshing angle and we hope you enjoy.
As time goes on we will be adding more and more features to this site so please stay tuned.


Robert back at you here.  Here is their website.

I have yet to explore, but it looks like an interesting that site I would like, what numbers and all.  They will even let you place that image as a widget on a blog site, but the image was REALLY BIG, it did not "fit" in the widgets part of my blog. So, I just copied it and pasted it in above.

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