Monday, January 2, 2012

Freedom & Liberty vs. The Psychopaths

What do the following have in common?:

-- the TV show "Dexter Morgan"
-- this article:
-- and the "greatest truth never told"

That they live among us, the psychopaths.

It has only been in the last few weeks that I have been become aware of the huge interest now seen in how many people are waking up to see the damage that psychopaths (loosely, social predators without a conscience or empathy for others) have been doing to our society and have been for thousands of years...

The hit show "Dexter Morgan" features a main character who feels little or no emotion and has deeply driven need to kill others.  The wrinkle here is that Dexter is able to channel his murders to kill those who really deserve it.  It's a fascinating show...  Sickos / psychos everywhere...  My wife and I have started Season Two, but the show is still on (Showtime I believe) making it five or more years it has been running.  So far in Season Two, we find that maybe there is a tiny bit of empathy growing in Dexter (he is currently trying to get back into his girlfriend's graces), but we will have to see where that goes (please do NOT email me anything, LOL...).

Secondly, the link above takes you to an interview with three relative experts in the apparently monstrously huge problem of how psychopaths are ruling us and spreading havoc and pain in their wake.  And have done so for thousands of years.  The interview (transcript) is very long, but they define psychopaths and describe how you tell them from normal people.  They estimate that some 6% of people are psychopaths, the overwhelming majority being men.  Here are some characteristics:

-- they are wolves in sheep's clothing (outwardly they act like us, but only for their benefit)
-- they lie, and lie and lie.  They will often contradict themselves after just a few minutes...
-- most can identify other psychopaths easily, even when they are children
-- they can be charming to those they want something from, seem so normal...
-- when their guard is down, you can see how they treat waiters and the elderly (for example)
-- it's not just politicians: Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Jon Corzine, Lloyd Blankfein, etc.

And these psychopaths are responsible for wars, excess debt, astonishing robbery and genocides.  And they are our leaders.  From the article:

"It is not that power corrupts, it is that corrupt individuals seek power."

How can 6% of the people take over and continue their rule over us?  Part of the reason is they ARE so ruthless that we normal people just cannot understand them, that we cannot SEE people as being so bad.  But, they have "enablers" (my word) too: some 12% more of the population will follow psychopathic tendencies or psychopaths to get what they want.

Thirdly, a guy on the Internet has come out with a remarkable series of videos demonstrating that the psychopaths have been a tyrannical plague on humanity for thousands of years.  Take another look at that quote in blue just above.  He has done 35 videos to date.  They range from about about a minute to 10 minutes each.  I would suggest starting at the beginning, it will take awhile to get through them, but it is very enlightening:

Click the link above, then click on the video at his site.

He describes in great detail how the system ("the international financial $ system", my words, not his) is going to fail.  And it has been just the latest example in human history of the damage that psychopaths do.  He also shows us the way out!  The way out is for EACH of us to reach within to gather our personal liberty and freedom.  This is not an easy thing to do in a country now hurtling towards totalitarianism, but having been based on a Constitution that was the first really decent political system ever created.  When questioned  after the Constitutional Convention what happened, what they had created, in there, here is what a major player had to say (quotation not exact):

"A republic madam, if you can keep it."
-- Benjamin Franklin

Indeed, if we can keep it.


It is up to us, as individuals who are waking up, to defend our families from the destruction of the criminally psychopathic individuals who rob us and get us into wars.

Apparently there is A LOT of recent and current study going on re identifying such people and how they get to the top.  For the rest of us, we must try to grow, through love, striving for personal freedom and to wake ourselves up.


  1. Interesting as usual. I think we will see those psychpaths get thinned out during the first evolution of the Great Collapse. They are ill prepared, yet capable of victimizing anyone they feel has something to extend them out a little bit farther, such as food, fuel, water etc. They will be among the first bodies in the pile IMHO, as folks who worked to prepare in advance are unwilling to become victims. Psychopaths tend to be loners, working to achieve their own sick goals, believing that they can do "it all" themselves. I am not as woried about them as I am woried about the entitled masses, who seem to have been born without a sense of what is right and what is wrong. It is the thought of those throngs of angry, hungry entitled knuckleheads, wandering the streets with nothing but seething rage that bothers me most.

  2. Discussions like this always remind me of "Delicate Tendrils":


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