Thursday, January 19, 2012

Widget Tracker Update...

Many of you know that I am tracking the prices of gold & silver as well as their US Eagle premiums over spot (  This is a project that will be going on for some time, but, I learn as I go along and would like to share some early results.

The below is a graph for gold price vs. the premium for the eBay/ Widget (no time component for this first graph), click on image for a better view:

Note that this graph has become less linear, less intelligible than the last time I looked at this...  There was an interesting spike in HIGHER premium AND paper price than I have recently seen.

Same graph for silver:
Note that for silver we are scattered all over the map.  Perhaps in the coming days I can tease out some useful data re silver and the Widget.

The below is a graph of the premiums of gold vs. the premiums of silver from the Widget:
Again, this is preliminary data that I provide, without analysis.  As time goes by, so will I comment further with increasing confidence...

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