Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogs and Websites of Possible Interest to my Readers

I am grateful to you dear readers for reading my blog and commenting and emailing me responses.  I would now like to offer you various blogs and websites that I read (some, obviously more than others).  I am dividing them for reasons you will see.

If I get any of these wrong, please let me know ASAP!

Known blogs of my readers:  <--- just added!  <--- just added, he has a blog along with his business too...

Gold blogs: (best analyst on gold IMO) (PM prices and articles) (PM prices and articles) (mainly for traders)

Aggregaters: (like I have to tell YOU to go there?!) ("Mish")


Of interest to Tinfoil Hat Brigade members and those curious about conspiracies:


I put out a call to my readers!

1)  If YOU have a blog or website, comment here or email it to me!
2)  Please send me your top one or two (not mentioned above) and I will get around to publishing them as well.


  1. Remember my other one - Check out the latest win for Liberty at !

  2. The Oil Drum
    The Automatic Earth

  3. It seems I can post my self now, no idea why!!!

    I'm not a fan of Kitco as I sometimes have trouble reloading the page and getting live info. I tend to watch bullion desk.

    Arguably the best (by that I mean the most referenced) conspiracy site on the internet was but has since been moved to

  4. Just lost a long post w/ descriptions... So just URLs for now -- all worth a look



    General Econ/Markets


  6. also


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