Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Suggestion to my Readers

Since there are some 130 readers who I do not even personally know, it can be hard for me to remember which Brian, David, Jonny and the most seen first names I hear from.

So, for those of you who email me, ESPECIALLY if you want your comments addressed or even published (as Jonny, latest article), please provide me an extra "handle".  Examples (completely made up):

Jonny Bahrain
David "El Oro"
Brian in Oz
Robert Mix (no wait, that one's taken!)


That will allow me to remember who is who and reduce confusion.  Some of you I recognize and "know" from various emails back & forth (and / or conversations from ZH), but most of you I do not.  The little psychological trick above will help me remember you and lead to less confusion.

Also, if you have "Special Needs" (lol), like you want me to mention you under a pseudonym, please make it very specific how you want me to name you or mention you here.  Make it clear enough so that "even my grandmother could understand it".

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