Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Most Amazing Dream This Morning

Most of those who know me personally also know my wife.  I had an amazing dream this morning, in which a number of things fell together just right, an extraordinary set of coincidences that all happened at once.

She and I and a number of others were in a very opulent place for some kind of important meeting (you all know that dreams are kind of incomplete, providing little context, just experience, at least for me).  We went to about three different rooms there.  Very nice place, kind of half French modern, half American opulence.  Like nowhere else I have ever been (The Greenbriar, Versailles, that hotel in coastal Georgia where they met to set up the Federal Reserve, The Breakers in Palm Beach, etc.).  In the last room (not very large) there were a lot of windows so it was brightly lit, and this was where the meeting was going to take place, maybe 10 - 12 other people were there.  I got a phone call from the main guy, who told me it was snowing up there in Pittsburgh, and he was not going to be able to come after all.  Then there was a moment or two of conversation.  I was holding my wife's hand or touching her shoulder, and I mentioned a few words (in English) to her, the last one being "florecita" (little flower in Spanish), and then woke up immediately.

I looked over to my left and saw my wife's elbow up.  I asked her if she was awake, she said yes.

I then told her about my dream.  And so I pass along to you all this extraordinary moment that happened to me waking up this morning.

That I would have such a beautiful and amazing dream about her I think is a very healthy sign that our marriage is in good shape.

This is all completely true.


  1. funny you write this robert. I am exploring lucid dreaming and its implications. Look it up and look at movie inception if concept is new to you.

  2. My dream was not "lucid" (if I understand correctly a lucid dream is one where you are aware that you are dreaming, "watching the movie" if you will...). That has only happened to me ONCE, when I was a kid, I knew I was dreaming while body-surfing a BIG wave!

    But, for me today's was an extremely interesting dream.

    I had another one say two weeks ago that was more disturbing, but, I think I was being sent a message... I am happy I did remember that more disturbing dream, it helped knock me back onto the rails...

    I saw that movie! It kind of "weirded me out"!


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