Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Important Addendum Re Holding Gold

One problem with writing articles on the fly is that I may miss something important!

A very important consideration re how much gold you want to hold is whether or not you have children (or other heirs).

Gold is typically held by very strong hands, often for generations...  I can think of NO OTHER gift (other than parental love) more valuable for one's children than gold.

If you do not have children then owning gold is fine for wealth preservation.  But, as a reader pointed out to me some time ago, he will have no heirs, so it is silver for him.  He is holding silver both for the enhanced speculation as well as the easier spendability of silver in a TEOTWAWKI.  I'm perfectly OK with his logic.  No children / no heirs, silver is fine.  I assume in this paragraph that not only do you have no children and will have none later on.

But, if you have children, you should be thinking about what happens after you move on...  We have a daughter who will likely get all of ours when the time comes. Some, perhaps, when she marries.  Gifts to her as we get older.  Gold is easy and fun to give away!

More than one child?  Then you will need to buy more gold.  To give to them.  Or maybe even to grandchildren...

Being your own central bank will allow your children to be their own central banks.

Now THAT is a legacy!

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  1. Yep, still as funny as it was last night. Hey, why don't we just get them all solid gold blackberries? I mean really, it's for the kids...LOL


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