Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blogs and Websites of Possible Interest to my Readers -- Part 2

I have added two more blog that belong to readers.                    new!                new!


Blogs and websites that have been suggested by my readers:

General Financial News:   <---(multiple times)

Gold blogs: (best analyst on gold IMO) (an analyst of FOFOA, FOA and Another) (PM prices and articles) (PM prices and articles)  (need the "www" to connect, UK site w/ prices & articles) (mainly for traders)

Aggregaters: (like I have to tell YOU to go there?!) ("Mish")


Special Interest:



  1. Here is a large collection of sites, sources, blogs and films - something for almost everyone:


    Excellent podcast and forum on survival and self-sufficient living

    (btw wasn't too hard to track down your blog even without an invite. Just sayin'....

    Still, I enjoy your comments on the other website.)


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