Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quick Update! Four Small Things.

I just bought a new computer today to replace my antique.  This means that for a few more hours I will be doing, well, the stuff you have to do when you get a new computer!  So far so good about getting everything to run.  Next stop is my all important database.


Matt!  Yes, you who commented on my Ameru Trading article.  Please email me re sales channels, etc.  Let me know what's up and I can better respond.


To my readers!

There are at least 155 of you!  The below information will help me work better with you:

1)  There are at least two of you who have asked me about business questions (Matt and another).  This kind of thing is best discussed via email.

2)  Comments should be made on the article itself (or related), and when you want other readers to see what you have to say (corrections, general comments, author errors, helpful links for me and you, and so on).


The TV says that looks like Ollanta Humala has won the Peruvian run-off election.  This of course is terrible news for Peru and our business.  I will have more to say on that in the coming days.


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