Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leaving the USA -- Part 1

A thread at Zero Hedge yesterday had a few replies on a topic I have discussed with a few people before:

Leaving the USA if things get bad.

This is another large subject that I will address in more depth as time goes on.  I have already had discussions of this with three people, "virtual friends", from  We have a Gold / Exfiltration Discussion Group (which is just a grand way of saying we email each other items of interest on these two subjects).

Items up for later discussion include:

-- Under what conditions would you leave?  How bad would it have to be?
-- Where would you go?
-- How much money do you have, how realistic is for you to go to Switzerland?
-- Do you know the language and do you understand and accept the culture where you would go?
-- Have you even BEEN THERE before?  For how long?
-- Is your family on board with this idea?
-- What if you have to leave a LOT OF MONEY behind?

My answers for the moment:

-- VERY BAD here
-- Peru
-- Enough for Peru
-- Yes
-- Yes, spent lots of time there
-- Uhh...,
-- Uhh...,

So there!  I look forward to your comments and emails as we begin to explore this subject in the coming weeks.

I am going to guess that the next article will discuss specific countries!  I have had a lot of correspondence on what countries are good as well as NO GOOD.


  1. Answering according to the list:

    -No plans to leave the US, whatsoever.
    -I do have dual citizenship w/ Australia, and I live close to the Canadian border. These are the most realistic options should it come to that point.
    -Both places mentioned speak English, though I also know enough German to get by, no plans to wing it to Europe.
    -Yes, I have traveled widely, including Australia, Europe, Israel. 6 months for a couple places, 2 week vacations for others.
    -Single, do my own thing.
    -Wisdom is more precious than silver or gold. Am attached to my stash, but not too proud to work, as I am doing now anyway.

  2. Its a big world and I like the idea of not tying yourself to one particular location for any symbolic reasons. There's a lot to explore and we only have one life time to do it.


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