Thursday, June 2, 2011

We wuz robbed!

Update, Fri, June 3, 5:40 PM ET.

We lost one (1) bearing!  Worth only about $5.00.  Whew!

We believe that it was poor packing by China and / or rough handling in China or in Peru.  Our bearings go along with other cargo in 20' containers.

Because the Chinese pack so poorly (with weak cartons and boxes as well), these kinds of problems can happen.  In this case we were very lucky, as auto parts that are easy to sell often will get stolen by opportunistic thieves.

We were very concerned because many of these bearings were pre-sold, we might have had to give our customers their cash instead of the real thing...  Fortunately we did not have to do a paper default:

"No bearings for you, take some money instead!"

A comment on "pre-sold".  Some of our customers actually PAY us first when the bearings are in Peruvian Customs (and we can give them a real good idea of exactly when we will get the bearings to them).  Any of you who know Latin American culture likely know as well that trust is hard to earn.  Customers paying us BEFORE we even have the goods reflects the high level of trust that some of our customers have in us.

End Update


But I can't get the picture over here to show...  Our just arrived shipment of bearings from China (ZWZ brand) was partly robbed there in the Port of Callao.  The picture shows where some thieves broke through the shrink wrap and hand-carried various pieces.  We are counting the pieces to see what was stolen from us.  Bummer.

I'll keep working to see if I can get the photo in here.


ZWZ bearing robbery in port of Callao.  Wow, that was hard to do!  I better get some more practice ASAP!

Another picture:


An intact pallet (foreground):

OK, I think I got it.  Kind of a pain in the butt this blogging is...


  1. I stole the bearing so I could fend off the tax men in a rather humorous way. Sorry. Next time I'll use gumballs.

  2. I see that you stole the bearing. It is so obvious that it was YOU!

    Note my update above: one bearing stolen.

    I am kind of impressed that you have been able to steal our bearing, comment about it and comment about other things there at ZH today.

    A real multi-tasker!


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