Friday, June 10, 2011

OK, You Have It, Now Where Do You Hide It?

I saw a brief discussion of where to hide your gold over at the other day.  I have seen these little conversations before, so I thought I would write an article on the is to get ideas from you all!

I have physical gold in five different places.

I also assume that you should NOT hold all your gold at a safety deposit box at the bank.  Some of it OK.  But, why run the risk (low probability IMO) of a confiscation?

Hiding your gold well is very important.  You do not want to have a burglar walk off with a possibly BIG chunk of your wealth, that YOU saved for and thought was the best wealth preserver in town.  Everybody's circumstances are different.  Someone with a big house, or better yet, a nice tract of land is in a better position to hide it well.  Someone living in a small apartment with weak locks in a bad neighborhood clearly has a harder problem.

If you have enough land so that you can dig a hole (or more holes, more on that in a moment) out of sight of your neighbors, than you will likely have all the security you need.  Bury it at least one foot deep.  I have seen a couple of people suggest that you could dig more holes, and dump dummy metals in them!   Just kind of spread the holes around your real hole (with gold), and you're about as safe as you can be.

But, you better remember EXACTLY where your gold is!  I hereby disclose that I buried about 1.75 oz of gold on property I owned in South Texas a long time ago (two feet deep).  I took careful measurements based on two different formations of trees, and noted carefully where on my land it was.  I moved away from Texas.  Then some five years later, I went back.  The trees had grown...  Oh shit...  I took my best shot, nope not there.  That gold is now lost forever!  Buried treasure!  So, you better know EXACTLY where it is hidden.

Another idea about hiding gold on large property would be to, say, identify a BIG rock (in the desert say) that isn't going anywhere.  Then walk exactly 50' west say.  Take a GPS reading of the rock's westernmost tip.  Bury it there.

But, what if you do not own land?  Or your backyard is small and visible to your neighbors?  You might have to hide it inside.  But, where?

Here are some ideas:

-- in a safe, or use the safe as a decoy and hide the bulk somewhere else!
-- in the duct work (take off the vent screen, and stick your pile in there)
-- drop your gold into some spaghetti and put it in the freezer!
-- if you have carpentry skills (I do not), then you have lots of options
-- if you have lots of books you can carve out the pages like they used to do

Hide your gold well!  I look forward to your ideas.


  1. I'll share this with you and hope it doesn't garner too much attention.

    For gold, put the gold at the bottom layer of the cat box, a layer of protective plastic sheeting, then the cat sand. If you don't have a cat, borrow some cat droppings from a neighbor that does have a cat. One cat box can hold approx 200-300 coins

    For silver, car battery casings (without the lead), the bigger the better (like a diesel truck battery). Once loaded and sealed with super glue, spray with WD40 and sprinkle with dust and scatter the batteries around your garage or yard, like a Sanford & Son look. Hiding in plain site, easy to pick up and throw in the car when TSHTF. The casings without the lead and acid are not easy to get but look hard and you'll find them.

    Hope to read some other ideas here.

  2. I would suggest that it is a good idea to use a little piece of iron attached to a string (made of a non-degradable material), with the opposite end attached to a bag with the stash in it. Drop the whole assembly down a hole, like, say, down a fence post, or behind a wall or some such place. Then, to retrieve it, you simply take another string with a strong magnet attached to it, and drop it down the same hole, and pull up the string, then pull on that string to pull up the stash. This works well for a smaller stash like mine. I like the battery idea for silver.

  3. Here in asia many houses have stone lanterns which they used in the old days for lighting up the street in front of the house. They are far superior as a landmark than trees are :)

    I also have some pm inside an old printer I no longer use. Its dirty unused and sits in a lonely corner in one of my supple closets.

    The cat litter idea is good because we have 3 cats, I also like the battery idea.

  4. Great ideas! You see? Some of the best minds on the planet hang out at Zero Hedge.

  5. I made the dumb mistake of creating my stash in a bullion vault in Zurich ...... before I discovered ZH, FOFOA, Turd and so many other PM followers.

    So now I try and create arguments to justify leaving it there, rather than cashing it in, paying a chunk of capital gains tax and converting it into coins that might be gold,
    that I might be unable to sell when I really need to, cos my local coin dealer is out of everything / dead / a long way away .......
    oh and he gave his customer list to a man with a very persuasive manner before he went )-:

    So, as long as the internet holds up and Lord Rot Schield doesnt have a bigger claim on the deposited gold than un-allocated little ole me, everythings cool (-:

    Love the hiding places ideas.
    Hidden in plain sight is always a great way to go.
    Someone suggested using acrow props and have em looking like they are holding up the building. Good to shield from metal detectors too.

    Like Robert says, never use trees or insubstantial buildings or anything that a digger having a tidy up could move, as reference points. Look for stuff that is very unlikely to move like bridges, heavy duty manholes, service boxes, historic buildings etc.
    Dont rely on GPS either as you are relying on the gov to maintain its integrity ( easily downgraded should the need arise apparently )

    Think the real biggie is who you tell, cos you have got to tell someone in case you 'dont come home' one day ....

    And that puts two of you at risk if someone comes calling

  6. PVC pipe, capped(glued).

    Garden Store Auger,electric drill, or manual, recap glue opposite end , (if Silver add dessicant), and BURY.

    Use measurements,( OFF only an object you KNOW isn't going anywhere) or a GPS to locate( so YOU do not lose it), not overly deep..........8-12"'s.

    Think like a criminal might(if possible),it's your life,and your futures.

    Never put all in one place or area..............that's why the's the only fool proof way of relocating for sure.

    Had a poster on an old shooting site, cache for weapons/ammo gear, same principle,Bigger PVC, dirt road(little to no traffic at night),and kept co-ordinates same way.

    Bury vertically,far harder to detect.
    Inside a home almost every place is an easy find with current technology.

    See thru walls w/out touching them.

    DHS is using the same tech now in mobile trucks, used on the road, and see's right thru panels, etc.

    Bottom line X-Raying your butt as you drive.

    A few folks brought up, sinking the caches into septic taks......Uh, NO............
    One of oldest tricks in the books, and used profusely in WWII.
    Nazi's caught on quick.


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